I Love You. Poem by Kara Aleid was Thomas

I Love You.

Rating: 2.1

Its nearly been a year
and where still going so well
We've both felt the pain
and We've Both fell in Love.
Together nothing can bring us down.

I Love you more everyday
and I just Love it when you call my name
When we talk on the phone
You get me all tingly with Butterflies
i just cant let go.

You Make Me Happy When am Sad
You Make Me Chilled when am Mad
You've wipe away my tears
You've take away the pain
I cant thank you enough
for making my life so bright
in your own perfect way.

I Love when i go to sleep your
there in my dreams and
I love it when i wake up and your there.

Khalid Loves Cara More 16 December 2011

that year is over luckily and now this year is a million times better ;) <3 xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Miriam Maia Padua 09 October 2011

Oh love, you can make one write with so much love so sweet and touching... very truthful..keep on, girl

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Stefanie Fontker 02 October 2011

Very romantic. I can tell you're in love. Beautiful writing, you have a talent, keep on using it.

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