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When We Met

</>When we were younger
we would gaze at each other
I always wounder what you were thinking,
I always Wounded why your brown eyes would

Am In Love With You.

we haven't talked in a while
and you know what
your breaking my lonely heart
every minute i'm finding it hard to breath

I Wish You Could Understand X

I wish you could understand my pain,
I wish you could understand i need you in my life everyday,
I wish you could understand the hurt in my voice,
I wish you could understand the thoughts i see of us.

You Change Me.

I've gone from being alone to being at home
He's brought me to life if only he felt this right
He sends the rush to my pulse an electric to my heart.
If Only he Knew how i felt deep inside.

I Love You.

Its nearly been a year
and where still going so well
We've both felt the pain
and We've Both fell in Love.

Roses Are Red......

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
Guess what i've falling
in love with you.

Forever You, Me Us

I want to grow old with you
i want to share all my mistakes with you
the love we share
will never compare to any other

I Wounder

it seems ive suffered
i cant figure any of it out
my life is a mess
i just want him to save me from this world

Love Travels

I wish he could be here

i cant take the fighting and arguing

I Get Scared.

I get scared that i gotta let you go
I get scared i gotta do more to save
our hearts together from being forever alone.

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