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Kara Aleid was Thomas Poems

1. We Are Perfect ≪3 1/21/2012
2. Suffering. 4/25/2012
3. I Can Feel Your Pain. 7/29/2012
4. Distance Of The Heart. 8/18/2012
5. Are You Happy Now? 9/7/2012
6. Misery 10/28/2012
7. I Wounder 8/17/2013
8. Love Travels 1/20/2014
9. Forever You, Me Us 4/12/2013
10. Fairytale 8/18/2012
11. Final I See You. 11/23/2011
12. On My Mind. 10/8/2011
13. I Get Scared. 10/25/2011
14. Missing You Too Much. 10/2/2011
15. Love Hurts Alot. 6/14/2011
16. Me Without You 10/25/2011
17. Roses Are Red...... 6/13/2011
18. Life As We Know... 6/13/2011
19. I Love You. 10/2/2011
20. Sometimes :) 10/8/2011
21. I Wish You Could Understand X 9/24/2011
22. When We Met 10/24/2011
23. You Change Me. 11/29/2011
24. Am In Love With You. 9/18/2011
25. - I Bet It Sucks To Be You Right Now. 9/18/2011

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- I Bet It Sucks To Be You Right Now.

I wanted to be friends but you wanted to be more
so i gave you what I thought was my all
But then it was token
and my heart was broken.

How could you do this?
what did i do so wrong?

You took every moment
and an left me with you terrible memory's.

do you still think you did the right thing?
because i still think how wrong i was to let you in my territory
you teared me apart so bad
i was clearly stupid.

My heart just wouldn't let out!
i hate you with all my heart missing parts
How could you hurt me so bad
i Dont know what i ...

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Roses Are Red......

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
Guess what i've falling
in love with you.

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
i love you and
you love me too.

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