You Change Me. Poem by Kara Aleid was Thomas

You Change Me.

Rating: 2.2

I've gone from being alone to being at home
He's brought me to life if only he felt this right
He sends the rush to my pulse an electric to my heart.
If Only he Knew how i felt deep inside.

I wounder when He kisses me what he thinks? ..
I wounder does He see what i see? ..

I may have my down days but he's always their
To drown the pain away.
Am always gunna care for him an always love him
If we were ever torn apart my heart can never restart.

He's the better part of me
He's My best-friend,
He's my everything if only he knew
how much he means to me.

No one realizes that he's always on my mind
an even when things get out of hand his
face always appears to fade it all out.

When i Miss him i re-read over the things he
says an i wounder am i the only one
who gets treated so good.

This Year has been hard an am glad

he's been there

hes made me stand when am prepared to fall

Hes been there when i can barely talk.

while everyone else has been walking in

an out of my life he's the only one

that stayed by my side.

ive always wounded what its like to love someone

so much, now i feel it, it mustn't go.

-Khalid I Never Wanna Be Without you. <3

Richard Jarboe 30 November 2011

it's hard to express feelings of love. You did, in this piece. good work, ric

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Crimson Love 30 November 2011

This is a very emotional, and beautiful love poem, phenmenal job! :)

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Khalid Loves Cara More 16 December 2011

awwwwwww tehee =D, did I have to read this while you were watching me I blushed! so much! hehe :) thanks ;) ... me without you is like saying a human without a heart can live Impossible and stupid! :) .. I love you always baby =) .. I never wanna go a second without you I tried it and it was worth than utter torture: ( :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Charmaine Young 06 December 2011

I love it! It has many emotions to it. It can be read in a couple of ways. I also completely understand it as well!

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Hilton Ball 03 December 2011

that's sweet i wish it was me your were talking about lol just playing but you put allot of feeling into this poem and im glad you found someone too feel so strong about and i hope you and him last i wish you the best and it was a real pleasure that you wanted me too read it thank you

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Benjamin Paa Willie 01 December 2011

Your heart is speaking, your hand is writing, your talent is showing. Good work! Keep it up!

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*BleedingHeart* *Arielle* 01 December 2011

WOW that was really great it had a lot of emotion in it very special u have talent

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