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I'M Back, Jack!

Rating: 5.0

Steroids and melatonin, you're fighting my fatigue,
don't fret and stop your moaning, I've left behind intrigue.
It's nice to set fat feet onto this precious soil
in wisdom I retreat, clean blood now on the boil.
The customs man he sniffed, for sausages and cheese
His supervisor miffed, this way my mate, and 'please'.
My pilot friend whose brother checks passengers with skill
he'd charge his aging mother, present her with a bill!
He laughed at my expression, you had some things to hide
perhaps a special session to see just why you lied?
I have no hidden treasures, and do obey the rules
know all about your measures and stay away from fools.
He smiled and said we reckoned that you would be quite clean
and when temptation beckoned you never were too keen
so welcome back, be happy, and take your cases out
I hurried, made it snappy because I knew about
the bacons and the mixtures, the wurst and Munich ham
I stared at all the fixtures and walked just like a lamb
into the balmy weather, taste freedom once again
when officer named Heather said are you 14-ten?
She handed me my ticket and passport, baggage tags
and didn't think me wicked, so now I grabbed my bags
went to the members, waiting of my dear family
told them about the rating of smuggling victory.
Tomorrow I shall wallow at breakfast in my goods
and think about how hollow the futile life of hoods.

Gina Onyemaechi 01 September 2006

A humorous and happy poem-video, Herbs. Back into the loving bosom of your Australian family - a most cosy image. But what about your trip to the US? Love, Gina.

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Mary Nagy 01 September 2006

Like we were there with you....greeting you at the airport Herbert! You've been surely missed. :) Sincerely, Mary

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Herbert Nehrlich1 01 September 2006

And how wonderful to see you welcoming me back. A big grizzly hug and a Continental kiss on your orbicularis oris. Best H

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