I'M Not Invisible. Poem by willow moon pearce

I'M Not Invisible.

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I'm trying to work out in my mind
Why the night shelter demands
10 Dollars a night to rest out of the cold
And danger, when to beg for it is unlawful
How else do I obtain it?

Its also illegal for a poor mexican that wants to feed his family to
Gain entry into thr US.
But who picks the crops?
All double standards.

Try to be like me.
Being poor is unspeakable.You are not black or white,
Or middle or lower class.
You are nothing.

Treatment of our kind
Means bedding in shelters
Treated like filth, chased away by storekeepers
Moved on or locked up by the Police.

We have no voice, and no face
But I never wanted to be like this.
It happened on a maelstrom of divorce
House loss and job loss.
But you see us everyday
Except you turn away
And try not to meet our eyes.

Duncan Wyllie 26 February 2006

So much truth in this.If we only stopped to think in a moment of quiet we could see so much more.Instead our foolish prejudices and lack of compassion act as a sheild against those that cry out for help.We had better wonder at times like these, about the day when we also will be judged for who we are and our foolish actions.Great Piece Love Duncan

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Charles Chaim Wax 07 January 2006

the words must be heard by all the big shots that run things because the immense loneliness of poverty needs solace and a helping hand a fine poem

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Sandra Fowler 07 January 2006

A very moving poem.You are a fine wordsmith. Keep up the good work. What you have to say has great value. Regards, Sandra Fowler

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