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Taught Racism

Children are born blind to hate and bigotry
With their big smiles and loving ways
They are taught ugliness
By unthinking adults and overheard conversation

Join The Army

Choking smoke
Rolling thunder
The forgotten soldier
Still cries for his mother

According To The News.

My phone is tapped
My mail examined.
My mere appearance
Can cause anger.

Banned Book Day

The roar of flames
And crackle of wood
Together with the thud
Of books guaranteed


Its 5am, its cold and muddy
I have not had dry feet in two weeks
Dreams of feather comfortors
And endless sleep

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p.a. noushad 24 January 2009

your ability or power of observing little noticed details is remarkable.

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I worry about this world we are supposed to be looking after and mans inhumanity to each other - it gets worse with absence of tolerance with the ' dove and the hawk 'The space between the rich and the poor is getting wider and causing friction.Racism remains the same. We need to change. My poetry is I hope close to the point and makes a person think of his current situation. I want and need peace and have seen this world as it is now with sorrow - I do not like what I see.

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