3am Thought. Poem by willow moon pearce

3am Thought.

Rating: 4.9

The media have told me
I will die in the next six or seven years
I listen intently
As I will be taken by a tsunami or earthquake.

Will I have time to put the cat out?
Bring the clothes in?
Yeah, I'm really bothered
As long as the 5th avenue up and coming yuppies
Go with me - I will be content.

I look back at my life - I have never had money,
But just enough to live
And to buy books to increase my swollen collection
I find that I am happy.

I don't walk the street in $500.00 suits
A mobile phone glued to my ear.
Italian shoes are not the shoes I wear
Boots and leather jacket.
Come that all fails and I am still alive
I can still spit in the direction of the successful,
As they will continue to corrupt and pollute the earth.

Emma Johnson 23 April 2006

A poem of VEHEMENCE. Lovely, Willow. Susie.

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Greenwolfe 1962 14 June 2008

I gave this piece a nine, but that is only because I have a particular standard for a 10. Otherwise, this is written as well as any prose can be written at this length. I won't say more because all there is left is praise and I hate being redundant. GW62

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 08 March 2008

well...........our day will come too..............

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Duncan Wyllie 23 April 2006

If one listens to this, then maybe two will do something about it when reflecting on the huge material growth that leaves so many bewildered A great voice in this one Love Duncan

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Sandra Fowler 23 April 2006

You have my applause for letting your voice be heard. kind regards, Sandra

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Seán O' Muiriosa 23 April 2006

You have much to be proud of, not least this poem. Yeah we sure do live in a corrupt world, sickening to think about it. I love this poem though, really 'sticking it up to the man' so to speak. All the best, Seán

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