I'M Not So Strong Poem by shannon wright

I'M Not So Strong

Rating: 4.8

maybe I come across
that’s survival
the weakest in the pack
is the first to be
picked off.
i am a little girl
in a grown up body
I want someone to
put me first
for once.
to see past my mask
and take care of me.
I’m not so strong

Roger Cornish 11 February 2008

Honesty honesty honesty.... even your titles alone - are beautiful poetry.... Roger.

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Aj Carter 17 January 2008

Shannon- I know that feeling the feeling of lonelyness the cold grasp of its hands on you The feeling no one cares for you So you think after feeling the pain so long that is how you hide you act like others to blend in if you show yourself you know others will take there chance to launch at you I know this feeling to for I hide as well. For I also want someone to put me first. Someone to care for me. Someone who can reach out for me and pull me from this cold grasp I definatly like this poem. -AJ

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Fred Babbin 15 January 2008

Join the club. We all have to grow up. I haven't reached that point yet.

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Bill Smith 15 January 2008

parts of this sum up just how I am feeling today, I need someone to put me first too just for a change good one Shannon smiffy

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Lynda Robson 15 January 2008

It takes time to see the person inside sometimes, a very well written poem Shannon, hope you find someone to take care of you, best wishes Lynda

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shannon wright

shannon wright

stuttgart, germany
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