A Soldier Comes Home, Home From The War Poem by shannon wright

A Soldier Comes Home, Home From The War

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a soldier coming home
he gets off the bus and looks around
families are being reunited
and lovers are kissing
all are unfamiliar faces.
he grabs his bag
and goes to the nearest payphone.
soon a cab pulls up and takes
him to a motel.
he has no one to welcome him
and no place to call home.
as he lays his head down to sleep
a tear slides from his cheek to a pillow
he feels so alone.
he doesn’t realize
that a thousand miles away
there’s a girl crying.
wishing she had been there
to welcome him home.
Home from the war.
by shannon flanders

Sid John Gardner. 07 January 2008

Great writing Shannon.Tugs the heartstrings, Sid.

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Francis Duggan 04 January 2008

Great writing here Shannon with vivid imagery and yet so very poignant very well done

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Raymond Wright 02 January 2008

Well that's nearly enough to make me cry. Well done, Shannon.

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Hi 21 June 2021

Such a beautiful poem,

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Me Myself And I... 17 January 2008

wow...cool, a well painted picture of the people who fight...I once was one of them, Top marks

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Dewald Viljoen 17 January 2008

I was...am... a soldier. thanks for still taking the time to respect what we sacrifice. its going on my favourites list.

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Bethany M. 15 January 2008

again awesome job! I really like your style

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Muriel Emerson 08 January 2008

this is a really nice piece thanks for your comments on mine 10...........10................10.........10............10...........10..........10.........10........10

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shannon wright

shannon wright

stuttgart, germany
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