Ex-Fiance Poem by shannon wright


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how do I explain to people
that you were my future?
that you are my ex-fiance
and best friend?
how do I talk about you
with downcast eyes
so they don’t see
that we are still there,
still in love,
still us,
every time I close my eyes
I see.
our imaginary future.
a future of what if
and I wish.
how do I explain
that we aren’t together
but we aren’t out of love.
we fell in but didn’t fall out.
I’ve fallen and can’t get up.
how do I explain
to the person I wake up next to
that he’s done nothing
to make me cry
other than not be you.
how do you explain to her
that she didn’t make you mad,
she just isn’t who you want
her to be, she’s not me..
how do we live in a world
knowing the other is out there
and not seek to find
not reach out and touch
to find, to have, to hold.
how indeed.

by Shannon flanders

Lynda Robson 08 January 2008

The pain you feel here is strong, like losing an arm, thanks for this, best wishes Lynda

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David Kowalczyk 07 January 2008

Ouch! (That's all I wanted to say, but the Comment Fascists insist upon 20 characters!)

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Kristy Artmann 03 January 2008

I can relate to this so much! ! ! Nicely done! ~Kristy~

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Effie Yalena Steyn 01 January 2008

Beautiful, I love the way you write so full of emotion. Effie.

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shannon wright

shannon wright

stuttgart, germany
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