I'M Sad. Poem by Ala elouri

I'M Sad.

I'm sad.

Tell me who is willing to make me happy?

In the end, I am always left alone.

You all promised me to love me and never let me go.

But in moments and seconds, you sold me without thinking of me; so here I am sitting alone upset and sad from my bad luck.

Tell me who will hold my hand when I fall and not laugh?

Who will wipe my tears and give me a laugh?

Who will hold me so tight until I feel alright?

Who will be a true friend till the end of my life?

I don't have a clue, all I know is you all left me alone to have pain that got me to bruise.

I don't know why I loved someone and he didn't ask about me at all.

I don't understand why my love, my family and some friends just left me without disgrace.

I thought promises were said.

I thought that secerts were never spoken.

I thought a dad is a father in the meaning of the word.

I thought a friend could back you up and never laugh at you or backstab you.

I supposed a lover would never hurt you.

But In the end, I am sad and it's all you people's fault, you broke me down.

Ala Elouri

Ala elouri

Ala elouri

SanClemente, California
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