I'M The Poet Of My Life Poem by Vikram Basu

I'M The Poet Of My Life

Unlike you all I'm never depressed!
Never suffer being betrayed though have been betrayed quite a many times;
Gave up weed and all else, its a long list.
What I enjoy suffering is knowing everything about these!

Though I wish I knew then, what I know now.
Could have made a better part of me-
Well still it does not matter, because
I'll do what I do, I love and hate being me!

I guess it was all written to happen like that,
A part of me who always wants to be the director of my life-
Do always try to redirect those memories in my mind.
Even if its not real I do enjoy every bit of it.

That part makes me feel as if I'm the director of my own life
Well no, no, I'm the poet of my life.
Although my poem is black and white
You'll find colour unless you're colour blind.

Don't worry you're not the first one to fail,
Its alright no one said to succeed in every fight
Its a poem after all, not a picture!
Even though just a few lines of ink and thoughts, its the most colourful object in the whole troubled world.

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