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15.08.47 was the day we achieved Independence.

Days have passed since then,

Strange But True

This fan I see, its moving & airing me
Although I don't know whether it really wants it!
Is it airing me against its wish?
Hence, having a discomfort feeling.


What I thought & what came out!
Million hopes got shattered now.
Heart hesitating to beat today
This blow is unbearable all the way.

A Human

There was once that cretin nomad,
Whom people called a lunatic, a crazy guy.
Had no dress but a torn rag over his waist.
He looked like a roadside homeless like any other.

My Image, You Know?

There is this mirror I see,
I can view an image of me.
Is it me really? no it can't be.
Who is this? this is'nt me.

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I'm everything and I'm nothing

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