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15.08.47 was the day we achieved Independence.

Days have passed since then,

This fan I see, its moving & airing me
Although I don't know whether it really wants it!
Is it airing me against its wish?
Hence, having a discomfort feeling.

What I thought & what came out!
Million hopes got shattered now.
Heart hesitating to beat today
This blow is unbearable all the way.

There was once that cretin nomad,
Whom people called a lunatic, a crazy guy.
Had no dress but a torn rag over his waist.
He looked like a roadside homeless like any other.

There is this mirror I see,
I can view an image of me.
Is it me really? no it can't be.
Who is this? this is'nt me.

Derailed we are from the path of salvation,

We are floating striaght towards our damnation.

Like everybody, I thought it is where we learn all.
It is the place to get educated from;
The sacred spot where teaching happens.

It is a phenomenal stage my mind is in,
Never trying to stop at any price.
Journeys through the longest paths imaginable -
Terminating all nightmares with its paws.

To whom shall I render my help?
All are damned and God-forsaken!
Dad taught me to be helpful -
But he forgot to teach how to read minds.

The way it comes and goes around
Seems as if its nothing but a big cycle
Controlled by God, run by us.
Life & death goes round & round

Unlike you all I'm never depressed!
Never suffer being betrayed though have been betrayed quite a many times;
Gave up weed and all else, its a long list.
What I enjoy suffering is knowing everything about these!

Slaughtering like a butcher with knife,

Murdering like Jack, the ripper,

Its time to burn, but not to turn ashes,
Now is the moment to heat up your mind.
Charge your heart with flames
Make it produce lava instead of blood.

Sheer addiction holding its dominance over their hearts;
Strange but as if they can't feel anything!
How could this be happening anyway?
Unless there was an insider who swayed them there -

The day has come & today is the day,
It is this day when I say its enough!
Make you paranoids stop sneaking around me -
To put an end to your damn lives oh yes.

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I'm everything and I'm nothing)

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15.08.47 was the day we achieved Independence.

Days have passed since then,

Industries have been built, cities developed, but-

O Lord! Where is the Independence?

Where is liberty? Where is equality?

Where is freedom of speech?

Where are the privileges promised by corrupt leaders in their false lines of speech?

O Lord! Give us Independence, give us true freedom of love, equality and of speech!

Frustated I write these lines in search of Independence.

As nowhere can I find anyone saying- ' I'm Independent! '

Enough is enough no more hypocrisy!

No more false promises of two-faced men.

I beg you!

O Lord! Show us Independence!

Because one day the world which you gave birth full of human & other livings-

Shall turn into nothing, but emotion forsaken machines!

So I pray; So I pray;

O Lord! Give us Independence! ! !

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