Addiction Obliteration Poem by Vikram Basu

Addiction Obliteration

Sheer addiction holding its dominance over their hearts;
Strange but as if they can't feel anything!
How could this be happening anyway?
Unless there was an insider who swayed them there -
I wish I could get hold of that devil!

All are inside the stomach of this great serpent
With its obsessive venom it drives them insane!
Pushing few to suicide, few to get damned.
Who thought what attachment could lead them into?
I thought, but with whom could I share it huh?

Such a prodigy infatuation can be!
As a big ophidian it grasps its prey slowly & slowly;
Never does the prey know whats incoming!
But when the hunted gets aware?
Alas! no matter, it is always too late.

But not to worry my friends
Every deadlock always has a key.
The hey is obliteration of obsession.
He, who can find the key can set himself free.
Although Nirvana is for everyone, most ignore it.

Alas! so disturbing it is to for me -
To watch my own fellows getting hunted.
No matter what, you have to come out by yourselves.
Trust onto God & He shall direct your path.
Because I can't help you as He blocks my path.

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