My Image, You Know? Poem by Vikram Basu

My Image, You Know?

There is this mirror I see,
I can view an image of me.
Is it me really? no it can't be.
Who is this? this is'nt me.

But, who can it be but me?
Is this an illusion or a dream?
Am I having a hangover?
No, had no weed since last month.

Then why am I seeing this?
A young man so desperate -
Fire in his heart & on his blood.
He is burning because of hatred.

But his hatred is based on love -
Compassion, trust & all those.
Still this man I see;
Is still burning for the fire in him.

Later realised it is me! I know.
Because its the mirror on the wall.
I'm burning too inside me, my image, you know?
Because to my rise & fall you've been my only friend, I now, know.

You all can guess what I'm trying to say....
Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 26 September 2012

You have taken me to my memory lane, where once, I had seen a guy, talking to himself in a restaurant very loudly, is it me? is it me? he was asking to the mirror. He was in tears and I asked him why he was so upset and he replied that his mother could not recognize him, as he changed a lot in appearance. Sometimes life is so cruel to people! an interesting piece of work!

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Payal Parande 21 September 2012

phenomenal piece indeed...we all been there or we are there....splendid write, well thought thank you for sharing, love payal

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Eindaray Kyaw 21 September 2012

You image reflects in the mirror in front of u But your mind reflects in the mirror of your poems in front of u! !

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