A Human Poem by Vikram Basu

A Human

There was once that cretin nomad,
Whom people called a lunatic, a crazy guy.
Had no dress but a torn rag over his waist.
He looked like a roadside homeless like any other.

Some used to throw stones at him;
Yet he did not throw anything back.
Some used to spit on him for amusement;
Still there was no sign of anger!

He used to consume nothing but air, I thought.
Had been told he was a garbage-eater.
A brainless fool, who lost everything,
Now lives the life of a homeless street dog.

It was such a freezing winter!
When I came up to him for the first time.
Shivering, he was, due to the biting cold.
Out of compassion, gave him my jacket to wear.

Few days later, quite surprisingly, I -
Saw the most unusual scene imaginable.
That nomad was donating my jacket to -
Another crippled guy across the street!

Was astonished, the most on that day.
What are we compared to that freak?
Nothing but lowlives, living like kings to him.
Nothing but beasts, everytime mocking him.

One day, my friend & I were passing by,
We saw a small gathering under a tree.
Curiously, we went over there to see -
What made these people halt on such a freezing day?

Those people were all laughing over -
The corpse of that nomad who lied there.
My friend said, ' Look brother that madman is dead. '
I said, with a tear in my eye- ' No, a human is dead. '

Nothing to say.... the poem speaks on its behalf..
Hans Vr 05 October 2012

What really counts is our heart The madman had a great heart lifting him up way above the ordinary human Supberb message in well penned verses

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Eindaray Kyaw 21 September 2012

A great humility story I appreciate the spirit of that man in your poem..He knows how to live in the world well I wish he may be in peace! !

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Indranil Bhaduri 21 September 2012

Amazing...Mindblowing....Salute to you for this.

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Vikram Basu

Vikram Basu

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