I Met My Fate Poem by CeCe Lamberts

I Met My Fate

Rating: 3.1

Some time ago I met my fate
I met my fate in two brown eyes
Saw him and knew he was my mate
so funny, cool, but yet so wise.

Heard his voice and loved it,
Saw his face and loved it,
Read his writings and loved it,
Heard him talk and melted,

Love his hair turning gray,
Love his accent so sweet
I don't think I can convey
How he makes me feel complete.

I know that fate plays games with me
That has always been the case
Because together we cannot be
Gotta forget that gorgeous face.

He's got everything I dream
I said 'for him I'd change religion'
He shines for me as a light beam
But...he lives in another region.

I gotta try to find myself
I gotta live in 'here and now'
I need to work on my inner self
Gotta do it, but I don't know how.

My quest for findings has started
My fate will help me here, I know
I feel so powerless and daunted
But have a life plan to bestow.

Hazem Al Jaber 03 May 2007

sure i am, that you will meet your fate again, with you lovely brown eyes.. and you will be with whom you want and dream about.. so lovely which you came with.. its really made me think about the case which i am in now.. well done cece.. and so beautiful one.. wish you all my best hazem

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Roy Storey 01 May 2007

Smile, fate its leading me a merry dance. a lovly poem Thank you Roy.

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Aashish Ameya 30 April 2007

where there is hope there is life, good poem and all d best....hope fate will smile u

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Madly In Love 27 April 2007

Amazing poem CeCe

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CeCe Lamberts

CeCe Lamberts

Smallvile, Greece
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