Have You Ever Been To Scotland? Poem by CeCe Lamberts

Have You Ever Been To Scotland?

Rating: 2.8

Have you ever been to Scotland?
It's where English is spoken with the sweetest accent
It's where people roll their 'r''s and call each other 'mate'
It's where the whiskey is single-malt and it's to die for
It's where guys are named Ian,
play rugby and look pretty damn good
It's where 'cheers' is called 'slaandjivaa'
It's where Glenmorangie and Isle of Jura is made
It's where men wear kilts
(noone has ever looked this good in a skirt)
and bagpipers play in every corner.

Ever been to Edinburgh?
Ever seen that castle from Princess street?
It's the city where the friendliest people live
People open, warm, fun-loving and hospitable
People eager to get to know a stranger like me
Eager to buy me drinks, to show me around town,
Eager to party, to sing, to do the karaoke thing,
To walk to just about every pub in town
To smoke, to laugh, to arm-wrestle, to stay up all night

Ever been to Arthur's seat at night?
Ever seen the views from up there?
I've been there myself
I've sat around a fire
with artists and festival performers
Drinking whiskey and champagne
A complete stranger all by myself
Yet feeling so well embraced by everybody

Ever been to Scotland?
If you haven't, you gotta go up there,
Meet some of the coolest people on earth
Feel the magic, have fun, keep an open mind
Let the place inspire you, let the culture affect you,
And come back a different person...

Davy from Edinburgh 13 June 2019

Great poem, but would be nice if you edited it to Whisky with no " e"

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Bill Wright 16 April 2016

Loved this. I am an exiled Scot and Edinburgh is my favourite city in the world, and I have visited more than a few. Boy do you capture the essence of the place, there is a buzz about Edinburgh you don't get anywhere else. What other city do you know that has a New Town built more than 250 years ago. I have written one myself just called Edinburgh which reflects some of my own feelings about the city. Well done.

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Angel Skinner 19 March 2012

WOW! ! ! ! ! ! i cant believe how descriptive that is.

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Aashish Ameya 21 September 2007

it really inspire me to go there, good picture...

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Geoff Warden 16 September 2007

Have never been but after reading this I think I might

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