I Read Your Post Poem by Randy McClave

I Read Your Post

The devil never made me pass your post
Without saying first, "JESUS I love you! ",
I had said it already as I will proudly boast
And I will say it many times again before the day is through.
I saw where you had highlighted the devil's name
I hope you did that in mistake and hopefully in error,
Though instead I highlighted only the name of JESUS to exclaim
Because, the devil is the king of hate, confusion and terror.
The name of JESUS is the name I want others to notice and read
So, I instead highlighted the name of JESUS only,
And this thought I wish everyone would understand and heed
That JESUS, and not the devil never made me feel sad or unloved or lonely.
I wrote the devil's name and it's not capitalized
If you read how I wrote it I didn't do that at all,
Have you not yet read and noticed or maybe not yet realized
That from Heaven, the devil and his angels did fall.
You'll never see me write the devils name in capital letters
Because of him or of his name I won't ever be boasting,
To him I am not one of his followers or debtors
In Hell one day him and his angels will be roasting.
To answer your question, yes I read your post
And in prayer, I said yes I truly love JESUS and he truly does love you,
And I will say this not in a brag or in any type of boast
But, because of JESUS, yes I love you too.

Randy L. McClave

This poem was inspired by a constant post of a Facebook user, whose post always reads "The Devil Will get you to ignore this post", so I replied.
Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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