I Regret It Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

I Regret It

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I regretted it through out the day
It was never my style or way
Still it was not short of blunder
Rain too expressed displeasure with thunder
Inwardly I felt something had gone wrong,
I felt so much isolated for long
Not at ease to breathe and sing a song
Weakness surfaced and made me weak from strong,

Something I did which my conscious did not allow
I should have acted wise but did not follow,
Carried away by temptation which shouldn’t have been?
Shown so much enthusiasm as if I was so keen

It is making me nervous
Reason may not be true but obvious,
I never fall in trap any time previously
As I was claimed to be taking everything seriously

No one has seen my guilt
It is mechanism in built
Any good and gentleman may feel its pulse
Temptation and greed will have to be repulsed

Heart may skip a beat but will not obey
Mind will not rule but try to have sway
Past may influence and resent will take you away
Only physical presence will matter and stay

It will constantly hurt me and bite
Darkness may be felt even with light
guilt may be felt even if I might be right
Defeat will have to accepted even without fight

Forever you may feel easily got laid
Not attentive even when good words are said
It will continue to hurt me even more
I try admit it to HIM just before,

You may have sound sleep and joy
No more guilt to fear but cheers and enjoy
Immediate redress may relieve the worry
Need not feel shame and not to say sorry

Kamlesh Ambalal 04 July 2010

Something I did which my conscious did not allow I should have acted wise but did not follow, yes all shuld in fact....10

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Corey Threet 07 May 2010

Really great poem, I enjoy how you really got in depth with the way you felt. I love the placement of your words and the way in which you use them. Great poem I'll definitely read others and remember. Spread Yourself! ! ! ! ~Xeniyah

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Ena N. Mori 15 April 2010

i enjoyed reading your poem. i like this line 'Darkness may be felt even with light...'

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