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I started writing stories when I was seven but I didn't have much of a great vocabulary but I had/have a perfect imagination so set out a goal I made to learn more languages so I learned Spanish and I'm still learning Chinese & Japanese when I turned nine my step father and my father were/are into rap and they rap with their friends so I thought it was cool so I wrote a couple of raps but still with a kinda limited vocab I was limited with my rhymes but people always told me I had a great vocabulary because I avoid cuss words in my language because I think its kinda stupid when every other word that comes out of peoples mouth is mutha F this and F that you know its real dumb to me so I try to say words other than them. But I remember I had a girlfriend when I was like...10 and I wanted to ...

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Ben Bump 14 April 2009

Good. Keep writing in the same path, your style is true and your talent is needed. Too many writers and rappers feel like they have to sell it...This is art from your head, paintings with words. Stay true to yourself and if you're about to say something in a verse don't hesitiate, run with it. Your E-book is advanced and if you keep at it you will master your craft for sure.

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Kainwo Moses 21 April 2009

I just started reading Corey Threet and I am hooked. I sure will come back to you. You awoke my feelings of friendship for an old friend.

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Jackie Compton 27 April 2009

Corey you are truely a talent artist that paints with words.Even in the darkness your words have a shing light of a meaning.

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Lovey Bby 24 August 2009

I knw corey personally. &&honestly he is weird. but dont get meh wrong. i like weird. :) he is sooo unique. aint no1 quite like corey. he is so nice &sweet &really caring. &i very well knw, some of these poems is about meh. but all of his poems have meh thinking! ? because i can relate. dats y we is// or at least was good friends. &&2 meh he will always b more than a poet but a friend. some1 who has always been here for meh. even when i honestly didnt want him 2. i gave him cross emotions...&broke his heart. although im sorry it doesn't make meh feel any betta. thus... now he is knowing as my enemy or stranger, , because as long as we dont really talk dat much &wat not. emotions will not appear making it hard for meh 2 know between wat i want or need. i made a desicion on wat i want//&need but i honestly dont knw if i made thee right desicion: ( quick or threet? ! smh. P.S. i changed my bio.

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Shaniqua Parker 27 November 2009

i luv that poem 4eva my friend so much. bcuz i understand where ur coming from that waz amazing. =)

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Claudia 30 July 2019

Upon googling 8-5-08 eclipse, got Corey's poem about an argument between the sun and the moon as to who should survive the eclipse. My younger sister committed suicide that night. I'm quite sure it was after an argument with her son. The poem makes me think what went down between two very strong opposing forces, sun and moon, mother and son. After all, who came first, the sun or the moon? Doesn't the foolish moon realize it would not exist if it weren't for the sun? Thank you for the poem!

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Fatima Peralta 19 June 2010

i like this poem////

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Bryan Riley 29 April 2010

I like the style of your writing. It has the attack of a street rap, and the imagery is great. Awesome stuff!

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Brooke Mcminn 18 March 2010

The poem '4ever My Friend' is really really good. I could actually feel the emotion behind it. I hope that things work out for you two! The fact that you two are already friends may help you out a little bit, since you already know each other so well.

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Rebekah Strunk 13 March 2010

All of your poems are really good.

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The Best Poem Of Zahir Kijani

4ever My Friend (C) 3-29-2007

4ever my friend you will always be
And you'll always be the number 1 girl to me
I know we've known each other 4 so long
And the friendship we've built has always been strong
But days go by, me wishing that we didn't have such a bond
Cause all the love I feel for you keeps building on and on
I don't want you to think I'm sweating you, or I'm like a stalker
I would tell you face to face but I'm really not much of a talker
Maybe it's because you actually count as someone I love
Or just that your a tease sent from below or fallen from above
I understand we don't share the same feelings like the romance
But how can I be judged if you've never given me any chance
Everything I probably said may sound corny or cheesy
But I really and truly love you, hopefully, you'll believe me
If not, I really don't care my feelings will never bend
But I'll know everyday of my life you'll be 4ever my friend

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Zahir Kijani Popularity

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