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Rains can be risky
What with this pouring passion
Can turn one frisky!

[I wrote this poem in response to Robert Frost's 'A Question']

Who decides o’er life and death?
And who will tend to our woes?

[I wrote this poem in response to Robert Frost's 'Fire and Ice']

I was told that the cause for our end
(In an inevitable cosmic amend)


Death is curt, death is cold,
Death is new, death is old.
Death is no summer, death is no fall;
It is for one, it is for all.


I wake up with a blushing Dawn;
Apollo’s lover in the morn;
The morning sky is painted red;
As she lies recoiled in bed.

All haiku writers
Please take note and don’t do this:

[This poem is dedicated to all those who have lost in love but found something (more) wortwhile in time....]

On passing by a crowded lane,
I greet people and their dreams;
Lest some call us poets vain,
Suspend all blasphemes.

Gnarled fingers feeling and
Kneading the clay,
Sieving the sand,
And baking to pray.

And I found each tree brooding;
Huddled together in the wood.
Then ‘neath the trees as I stood,
They loomed tall and foreboding.

Should I write? I’m afraid I will,
I twirl my pen in a complex ride
As I sit on my window-sill,
to forget how my dreams have died.

The scorching sand is set to die
beneath the tree-shaded sky;
Experience life’s dark and light,
and don’t give up without a fight.

[This elegy is in honor of a senior colleague on his first death anniversary]

Now tell me another story,

'Twas not a rose,
Though it had thorns.
Was it a pose?
Was it a con?

“Right, ” I said, “I have the key,
To unlock all your melancholy.”
“No, ” he said, “Let it be;
That’s now become a part of me.”

Send out the word
The Poet is rising
If thou has not overheard,
Tis poetry’s new uprising!

[What's happening in world business is going to happen all the time. Why not? We are humans! ]

Eternal Bliss of the Sapient Mind

Our democracy is of Olympian proportions,
Basking in glory under a thousand suns;
Painted faces and political distortions,
She has had a long run.

No man is an island,
No more than he can be;
Above the water lies the land,
Not all is lost at sea.

“If you plant honesty, you’ll reap trust”
Aye, the seeds of doubt have been planted,
But such doubts are a must,
If wisdom’s to be granted…..

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Born a happy poet..Still am! I firmly believe in the Latin saying 'Omnia bona bonis' (all things are good to the good) , and 'Omnia vincit amor' (love conquers all things) . Poets are sensitive souls, and any opportunity to oppugn amongst themselves is fraught with emotional turmoil. In fact, many attempt to escape the daily humdrum of their jobs by expressing their angst (or joy as the case may be) through the lines of their poetry. To me, (and I suspect with many of you as well) writing poems is more than an orra job. In fact, its a way and a medium where you would want the world to 'see' you... Such is poetry - indefinable in many ways - and yet unifying people from different faiths, varying temperaments and cultures. Arta longa vita brevis... Cheers.)

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Haiku # 2 ‘raining Passion’

Rains can be risky
What with this pouring passion
Can turn one frisky!

10th May 2009
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The mind that's lonely lives apart, From seeking joy and a change of heart.

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