I Stand Here Alone Poem by POOJA LADYLUCK

I Stand Here Alone

Rating: 4.0

I stand here alone as the world stares at me
I'm flowing past my way to fatality
No one can understand the way i think
Can't even feel my heart sink
Opposing my virtues on me they cracked jokes
They say the way i act have shattered their hopes
They left me alone, saying, they have set me free
But I have turned to solitude, what used to be solitary
In oppositon they didnt notice the helpless tears in my eyes
They did shout loud to supress my wailing cries
But I'm used to this soluble pain
My poor tears have never felt the rain
I could have acted according to 'em
But would have always regretted the way i am
I never did quit, i never did recede
I never did slow down even if my soul did bleed
I won't change myself for their felicity
They could have understood if they loved me
I dont care if i'm all alone in life's course
cuz' for this choice, i wont ever remorse
Discrediting fate and the people i'd ever known
I believe one day i'll proudly say
There i stood alone.....................

Deepak U 30 March 2010

nice one..........good work.

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 29 March 2008

be yourselves and believing in you..........thats what it takes.............

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Shiva Pillai 27 March 2008

SUPERB. This reminds me of the character 'Howard Roark' from Ayn Rand's Fountainhead. Very nice.

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