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I Still Need A Mother

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I need a mother who would love me
I need a mother who would take care of me
I need a mother who would understand me
I need a mother for who I am
I need a mother to know me
I need a mother who would be there for me
I need a mother who would not yell at her son
I need a mother who won't push her son away
I need a mother who would not throw me out of her life

Even though I still need a mother
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Kim Barney 27 March 2015

I like this poem, even though it's full of sadness. I lost my mother more than 50 years ago, and one of the first poems I published on this site was about her. It's called MEMORIES OF MOTHER.

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Thats awesome. I really like that! !

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Maliha Mirza 04 April 2008

as i read your poem tears came out of my eyes.if you need anything from me so you are most welcome to say.

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Mz.Honesty Only 14 January 2008

As i read your poem tears came to my eyes. I feel the same way. My mother been around me my whole life, but she was'nt never a mother. I was raised by my great-grandmother. As i got older i decided to get to know her. I think i wasnt ready because all the times i needed her she was'nt there, so it made it hard for us to bond. She came to late im grown now.I found a mother in someone else. BUT i still need a mother. I dont know what to do. I hate her but love her too. I will never let her know.I want us to be close, but im not cause she will never cause no more pain.

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Naphtal Hlubi 07 December 2007

Reading this poem has touched me in a way I never knew something else can touch me after the death of my mother 3 weeks ago, she died at a time when I really needed someone to cry on and make me feel loved, I miss her so much, may her soul rest in peace. Even though I need her we must, all of us who have lost mothers and loved ones, that the people that are still left behind make life worth living after suffering such a terrible loss, KEEP STRONG AND GOD BLESS! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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