When I Was Infatuated In Class Eighth... Poem by Mahfooz Ali

When I Was Infatuated In Class Eighth...

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As I sat in the school lounge,
reading a covered book prior to class.
A picturesque beauty sat directly in front of me,
I faced her profile less than a yard away.
Her loose curly locks and azure eyes,
conveyed existence and liveliness,
in this otherwise gloomy space.
I glanced down at my digital watch,
and abruptly realized class was soon to start.
I leaned down to my schoolbag on the floor in front of me,
and swiftly placed my textbook in.
As I closed my schoolbag and looked up,
she was now leaning towards me
asking for some unknown question,
her face only inches within mine.
I could feel her warm breath on my hair,
our eyes met, my heart was pounding.
Seconds felt like hours lost in time,
time here had lost of meaning,
time had no meaning here.
I walked away not saying a word,
her beauty forever burned in my mind.....

Mahfooz Ali 14 March 2009

hey! who has voted me 8? u r requested to pen comment also.......hehehehehe

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Nosheen Irfan 19 January 2016

Her beauty burned forever in my mind...The power of beauty is definitely undeniable. A beautiful expression of feelings written with clarity and candor.

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Kim Barney 19 January 2016

Ah, young love (or as you correctly call it, infatuation) . Well written and congratulations on having it selected as poem of the day!

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Savita Tyagi 19 January 2016

Lovely poem. That sweet adolescent time is precious and your display of one small yet memorable event and the tender feelings that arise in an innocent heart is beautiful.

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Soul Watcher 19 January 2016

Good to see this poem on the facebook page of poemhunter.. Well done Mahfooz

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Abhishek Arjav 29 January 2016

Simplicity of diction and lucid treatment of an adolescent's mental state makes poem a worth read...

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 19 January 2016

CEO OF BANK OF POETRY She calls me my salaams lady friend I stand on the rivers bend anyday the tsunami may take me away till such a time a banker still consider me if you will sisss misss or friendsss.... Poetry along with me shall not ever end sometimes when we are very young we get so very scared will she love me will she report me what will she do no one ever knew it's all in a woman's mind to love or to be kind but in memories we alone have she has made us lose our mind and an opportunity we all leave far behind in the annals of time call it infatuation if you may

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Bernard Snyder 19 January 2016

What a great poem! Incredibly written. I'm sure you wished you'd responded though. Congrats on being chosen as poem of the day. Well deserved!

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Manonton Dalan 19 January 2016

electrified and charged for lifetime

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M Asim Nehal 19 January 2016

Nicely written poem on infatuation, at that age most of the students go thru the same phase...Thanks for sharing.

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Mahfooz Ali

Mahfooz Ali

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