I Think Poem by Kirti Sharma

I Think

Rating: 4.5

I think
The world is small and the ideas are big,
Thoughts are short and long are the speeches.
I think the year is reduced by the plans we make,
The hopes are lost, as the bar of expectation is raised.
The road is on both the sides,
Taking decisions in a minute, is not always right.
I think a single step would lead to the world,
A step backward, can lead to your own leisure.
Time is what it takes to make all,
Fortunate are those who could break their walls..

Friday, March 11, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Khairul Ahsan 03 May 2020

'Thoughts are short and long are the speeches' - This is what we are more familiar with, these days.

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Sonali Ganguly 06 April 2016

a beautiful thought, beautifully presented.

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Dev Anand 11 March 2016

Thoughts, hopes, decisions. life and its problems. well described. dev.

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Dr Antony Theodore 11 March 2016

Fortunate are those who could break their walls.. life, thoughts about life, a meditation of life.... really true those who can break the walls are lucky. a very good poem. thank you. tony

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Souren Mondal 11 March 2016

A very interesting take on life and its descision making Kirti.. Thank you for sharing.

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