I Understand 'Maa' Poem by Jaya Mishra

I Understand 'Maa'

Rating: 4.3

The day was so lucky,
So special of your life
The day you were given,
You became my dad’s wife.
No other than anyone
You too had so much hopes,
From your future, for your family
From the life that you chose.

But dad moved away,
You were left alone.
Dad had his problems,
You had your own.
The two of you never
Could build your dream home.

I understand “maa”, it pained
To let him go away,
To see your little world scattering
The feeling you don’t ever say.
I understand “maa”, it pierced
To watch my eyes sore,
To see me missing dad
When you missed him more.

The same fright you nourished
To see your growing fairy.
But I calmed you, I promised
I won’t leave you, I won’t marry.
I regret my words today
To see you all by yourself.
What could you expect the world
When ‘I’ lied, the closest of yourself.

I understand “maa”, it pained
To wave me goodbye
To watch your dearest piece
Separating tracks before your eyes.
I understand “maa”, it pierced
To repeat the history
To again break yourself, hold back
From whoever you considered your treasury.

Sahil Sood 28 November 2012

The most beautiful poem i ever read on this site.. so emotional.. i hav no words to praise it..

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isabella Francis 11 January 2012

This is really awesome.. Mothers do make life heaven....

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