I Was Getting Comfortable With My Loneliness Poem by Melanie Emikohe

I Was Getting Comfortable With My Loneliness

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I was getting comfortable with my loneliness
growing white flowers in a plastic pot
plucking them when they're due
tucking them neatly in a memorized order
in a porcelain vase right by my head
while I sleep in peace, like anyone
who gets good night kisses

You were sent to my house
like an anonymous bouquet
corrupted my comfort and turned it into
a thrilling ride of rapid rush of blood
to my chest, draped the days with
so much kindness and doting attention
kissed me at the right spots
unveiled unsightly corners
pinched them fondly while casting frolic smiles
reminded me that my skeletons
are cute afterall
How could anyone think otherwise

But when I spoke to you about how i feel
how your presence summons all the fireflies
of this hemisphere to swarm around my head
you told me to cut those feelings
because they are unhealthy
and you went on complimenting about
how I look like an unsuspecting tease
with a skirt that contours my back's lower curves
I couldn't hold back my tears
pretending to count the new buds that sprouted
from the stems, avoiding your gaze

Wednesday, December 5, 2018
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Carl Roussell 05 December 2018

So much feeling - one of your best writes.

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