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I Was Sold

Mummy I was only five,
Yet you sold me,
Daddy I'm alive,
Yet I you don't see.

You sold me to some people,
And told me not to be scared,
You actually looked gleeful,
And I was unprepared.

Sweety it will be fine,
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Monday, October 3, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: suicide
No, this has never happened to me but it has happened to many vulnerable, innocent children. Here, we are complaining about such STUPID stuff while others are being stepped on, destroyed, demolished. Humans are imbeciles. Cold-hearted, selfish imbeciles. I wish this all could stop. I wish people could open there eyes and LOOK. Look at the chaos humans have caused over the years.
Bri Edwards 27 December 2016

terrible story, fantastically-told. and you are HOW old? ! well, some people are naturally-gifted, while others, like me, from the gutter, my poems, have lifted. i read your bio. i 'love' you, but i ALSO 'hate' you. if you were Siamese twins, the Devil would fete you! 666! ! *** - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - the number 666 is sometimes associated with the idea of the Devil/evil. i did a little online research just now and found nothing (as i quickly perused/scanned some paragraphs) saying 'devil/Devil'. there seem to be several interpretations of what 666 'means'. some also believe that the '666' mentioned in the book of Revelations, in the Bible, actually was 616 but was copied incorrectly as 666 when manuscripts were copied by hand. this poem shall go to MyPoemList. i'm glad it did not happen to YOU! (the poem's story) . humans cause 'chaos', but i blame God (who i don't believe in anymore!) for letting/causing? humans act as they do. let me read another of yours! bri :) thanks for the Poet's Notes! ! i'm glad you used money/again instead of spending 'too much' time reaching for a rhyme! ! ! but i 'love' the other rhymes. ;) i did not know this would be called an ABC form poem. i call it abab (with the one exception) BUT i am not a poem expert 'by a long shot'! ! ! !

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Linta Babar Mnsr 21 November 2016

I really love your poem. You are truly gifted.

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Mysterious Writer 333 22 November 2016

Thank you so much! That is so sweet of you! You don't know how happy you've made me! Thank you! ! !

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Mnsralyssa N 21 October 2016

good job, I really like your poem

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Mysterious Writer 333 22 October 2016

Really? ! Thank you!

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Gajanan Mishra 03 October 2016

job well done, good one

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Mysterious Writer 333 03 October 2016

Thank you.

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