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My Name Is Anne - A Poem About An Abused Girl

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My name is Anne,
Anne Kimberley Mc Phee,
I've been abused by my dad,
From the age of three.

I would be locked up without food,
Left to starve to death,
I would be thrown for being rude,
Until I was out of breath.

I would be whipped with a belt,
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My Name Is Anne - A Poem About An Abused Girl
Friday, May 13, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: abuse,sorrow
Paul Warren 13 May 2016

A brave poem. I have seen too much of this to be at all sympathetic with an offender. People just see themselves and children suffer.

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Maryam Shams 15 May 2016

Outstanding piece of work. Loved the words and very excellent use of rhyming...it is really sad but great job :)

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Lyn Paul 01 October 2017

I could feel every word! Violence was a huge part of my growing up. Living in fear a lot of the time. My siblings are all so different just surviving whatever way they could. Living this life has made me a very understanding and an appreciative person of everything! I wish you well!

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Linta Babar Mnsr 21 November 2016

This poem made my heart melt. I wish I was as good as you when you write poetry and touch peoples hearts.

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Mysterious Writer 333 22 November 2016

Awwww that's so sweet of you! Don't worry, I believe that with patience and hard work, you'll write something extraordinary and touch many peoples hearts. Thank you so much!

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Leen Akel Mnsr 18 November 2016

it may be sad but this really did touch my heart i hope to write like this one day

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Mysterious Writer 333 19 November 2016

Yes, it's said... but I feel it's the only way it could touch the feelings of others. Thank you so much! With effort and practice, I believe you will be able to write something even better than this poem of mine.

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Kelly Kurt 15 May 2016

A very powerful and poignant poem. I hope you continue to write

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Maryam Shams 15 May 2016

No problem and welcome ??????

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Well, thanks again! ^///^

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