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I Will Be Thence As Pure And Pious As Thou

Rating: 1.8

The obnoxious mind
in my tumultuous thoughts
grazes my heart with
surreptitious rues and sorrows

Oh my lord leave me alone
disheveled among the thunders
the apocalyptic trauma and terrors

Give me thine courage and grit

to grin and bear the plethora of pains
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Aldo Kraas 03 November 2007

The message that I get from you Is that you had been opressed If I may ask is it because you are afraid that people will harm you? I know that woman had to flee india the woman I know was a writer And I believe she was killed God will give you carage to live This poem is interesting

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Gajanan Mishra 27 March 2014

I like it, thanks.

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Reshma Ramesh 28 December 2008

very well penned........................

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Chitra - 02 July 2008

rich in spiritual content soul stirring i must admit

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Don Mcwilliams 19 March 2008

Eloquently and passionately stated. Well done. Regards, Don

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Bashyam Narayanan 22 November 2007

Very ambitious expression to become 'pure and pious as thou', but indicates the ultimate spiritual goal, one should aspire for. Indirectly all religious paths aim at this, but all end up in rituals and fanatism. Let us learn from this wonderful peace.

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