Tarapada Mohapatra

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Say No To Bloodshed And Tyranny

We all are creations
of the Holy Mother
Her gifted children
symbols of peace and unity

Only Peace Thrives

Only peace thrives

Innocence sleeps
on the dreaming eye lids

I Will Be Thence As Pure And Pious As Thou

The obnoxious mind
in my tumultuous thoughts
grazes my heart with
surreptitious rues and sorrows

To Me You Are A Ring Of Nectar

To me you are a ring of nectar
a drooling moon in the wafting zephyr
a dream of golden rose in my slumber
Thou are a frolic fountain so near and so dear


Thou looked deep
into the unfathomable depth of ocean.
penetrating into my steely eyes
to see the portrait of my Universe

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