I Will Go Back To My Country Poem by nithya raghavan

I Will Go Back To My Country

I will go back to my country,
where i am wanted,
respected, cherished, treasured,
i will go to sympathise,
along with deserted streets,
that carry a carpet of blood,
though sympathy means nothing,
in the eyes of money and power,
i will go to feel,
through the feelings of people,
like a river that flows,
noiselessly by the mountain slope,
When people brand my,
country as 'dirty', 'filthy',
i will turn into a,
peaceable warrior to defend,
without revealing my arms,
and show them the,
tremendous colour and variety,
that surpasses every city,
village and state, like,
a garland of daffodils,
that hang in the air.
I will pelt my stony
anger at the demons,
that destroyed my country's peace.
I will prove to the world,
the eyebrows as black,
as the wngs of a crow,
can dance both in the
light as well as the dark.
i will prove to the world,
that secular literacy can never,
shut the golden doors,
and hold its flag,
our flag at half-mast,
even in the midst of,
nerve-wrecking, unreasoned terror.......

Shyam Balaji 12 July 2009

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