nithya raghavan Poems

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A Letter From A Daughter To Her Father

Dear father,
i was lifted in your presence, by your presence,
from the cradle which was my world,
that closed upon me with fancies,

Waiting For You

I stand here,
Waiting for you;
The poison tree
Has grown within me,

Torrential Rain(About Stock Market Crash)

In a bustling city life,
heavy downpour of torrential rain,
unleashing itself from the chains of thick, black clouds,
crashes tired, exasperated hopes,

After A While(To My Aunt's Dog Steffi)

'After a while,
after a while'
is all i say,
as i procrastinate touching

The Last Punishment

We just lie down,
the sand rolls
around our bodies,
we have no home,

I'M All Alone(To The Expatriates Of A Country)

I'm all alone,
listening to my own voice,
that speaks to the mountains,
fast asleep in their own world.

God Dreams.......

In His mighty sleep,
yet staying awake,
God waves his wand,
with stars that spring,

Winter Horse

The white horse with,
its feathery mane,
eyes of black night,
gallops on the soft snow,

When Pyramids Crumble

When pyramids crumble,
Sand, dust and soot,
used to build the geometry,
of Egypt, the jewel of wonders,

I Will Go Back To My Country

I will go back to my country,
where i am wanted,
respected, cherished, treasured,
i will go to sympathise,

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