A Letter From A Daughter To Her Father Poem by nithya raghavan

A Letter From A Daughter To Her Father

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Dear father,
i was lifted in your presence, by your presence,
from the cradle which was my world,
that closed upon me with fancies,
full of toys, ducks, angels and swans,
As i grew up, i faced the broad daylight
full of rays of paths with,
independent, invisible doors that opened,
to new staircases leading to different
monuments, pastures, colours and wonders,
You, in your good intentions,
forced me into one door,
thinking that it would be best for me,
the best suit that would fit me snugly,
with absolutely no consent, no view,
which was uttered from my lips,
You trusted that i would
grow up to produce logical
views, views which the
society made a standard rule,
which no tangential thought can
ever revolt against.
Father, even though, you think

the burning, yet subdued sadness,
has already taken the shape
of a dewdropp on a waterlily,
One fine morning,
when your soul is nothing,
but a green pasture, that
you mowed consistently for years,
in the midst of your lotus
pond, you will find a storm
of confusion and sadness
that usually builds within
a nice cup of coffee in
an afternoon during the month
of december, at the sight of
an unrecognisable stranger,
who sits and stares at
you, who is the exact
copy of you, whom you
cannot search in for
her perception, who looks
at the world with your
eyes and who thinks that
the world is often moved by
slow trains carrying crisp notes by the countryside..........

Rakesh Bedi 21 July 2009

I did not want your poem to conclude, nithya; very touching and emotional poem!

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Jasbir Chatterjee 26 June 2009

A very touching tribute!

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Eve Anderson 12 April 2009

Very well written, i really like it! :)

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Shyam Balaji 04 December 2008

hey poetess, gr8 write..it shows ur absolute love and affection towards ur dad...same feeling as of seeing the film 'varanam aayiram'..haha..stay cool! ! ! ...GOOD LUCK! ! ! >...bye..check ma poems wen u find time.

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James Mclain 03 December 2008

Absoletely riveting I wanted to keep reading why did you stop writing...: (

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