God Dreams....... Poem by nithya raghavan

God Dreams.......

Rating: 5.0

In His mighty sleep,
yet staying awake,
God waves his wand,
with stars that spring,
out through its end,
He dreams of His life,
in a land of dreams,
where the bell tolls,
against the bird's song,
where the echoing green,
sways in the mid-noon sun.
Where the lamb,
clothed in thick wool,
springs to and forth,
with moon often,
referred to as 'miss nocturnal',
to care for it.
Where windows of the eyes,
open their shutters to,
the golden fruits that,
lie on a waste land,
Where the vast abstractness,
of the drum beats of time,
can be felt in a grain of sand.
Where the chorus of mermaids,
singing below the surface of,
an ocean, can be felt,
through the vibrations of the open land.
Where the crystals of snow,
shimmering in the white light,
brew tears in our eyes,
like the storm that a poem,
can create in a small cup of ginger tea..........

Indira Renganathan 02 December 2008

You have a great skill of imagery...keep writing to get refined more....10

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Ershad Mazumder 15 November 2008

Yes, its really a poem. I like your theme and style. But read it again and again for reediting. Try to feel where lies the unnecessary words.

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