I Wonder If He Really Loves Me

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How many petals are on the flower
when you ask
he loves me
he loves me not?

Are you sure you picked every petal?
Did one fly off into the wind
or fall off when you plucked it?

You don't know whether it did or didn't
so you can't know if he does indeed love you or not
based on picking off petals

I urge you not to wonder these things
because maybe he does love you
and maybe he'll move on because you weren't sure its true

There isn't enough time to let your mind dwell on if he does care
so use your time only if its sensible and fair

Go on let the flower grow in all its beauty
with however many petals may be on it
because you will know if he actually does love you
when the precious words are spoken
in the moment of
'I do.'

Vinod Kumar 11 January 2009

A well written poem, it clearly express the teen mind`s love, thanks for sharing,10.

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Jim Norausky 03 January 2009

Very clever poem. Well done. Jim

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Dennis Penny 01 January 2009

excellent poem, very lovely written! !

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Sarwar Chowdhury 04 October 2008

well expressed indeed...................10+

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Wow. I loved it! XD You write some great poetry. Peace out, Lexi Baby

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