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I'm to awake to sleep
to tired to dream
to thoughtless to think
as it may seem

Your voice gives me butterflies
Your laugh makes me smile
I care about you dearly
Though I've known you for a while

The melody of today
Brings on the
Harmony of tomorrow.
And the Harmony of tomorrow

How many petals are on the flower
when you ask
he loves me
he loves me not?

When you are happy it is my joy
when you smile I can't help but put a grin upon my face
when words escape those sweet lips
I am hypnotized

She moans
I groan
both aggravated 'or the same ordeal
neither no where to go

This may seem like the end
but darling it's not
though I won't be talking to you for a while
that one day will come when I can smile yet again


Your love is sweet
Your love is pure
Your love is abundant
in that all may endure

You are the brightest light, and when you smile even the sun can't behold your glow
And those eyes that look like the starry sky, even they can't see you've got me hypnotized.
You'll have nothing to fear when your with me, not a thing will harm you my princess,
so come out of your castle, the dragon was slain, out of a pure hearts true love for you.

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I'm to awake to sleep
to tired to dream
to thoughtless to think
as it may seem

I don't know which way to turn
on a one way street
eventhough there are many signs
I still can't move my feet

So I decide to turn back
and walk the road from which I came
for that path is right for me
and I know it all the same

I will not look back or regret
where the other road would have taken me
because now I'm back at home
with my friends and family
and it's the best place I could be

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