Rating: 4.9

I'm to awake to sleep
to tired to dream
to thoughtless to think
as it may seem

I don't know which way to turn
on a one way street
eventhough there are many signs
I still can't move my feet

So I decide to turn back
and walk the road from which I came
for that path is right for me
and I know it all the same

I will not look back or regret
where the other road would have taken me
because now I'm back at home
with my friends and family
and it's the best place I could be

Rachael Hardy 31 December 2008

nice poem...enjoyed reading it...keep writing!

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Crystal Torres 31 December 2008

that was great i can really connect to your poem i really liked it hit me up when you write a new one ok

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Sarwar Chowdhury 12 October 2008

Fine composition! .........10+

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Maximillian Okere 07 October 2008

wow! ! you are an amazing writer.... hope to see you write more for us: D

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Wonderful write. I love it. Peace out, Lexi Baby

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Icy Rivas 03 April 2009

very cool and intreing ideas all in one poem! keep writing! !

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Akram Awadat 01 January 2009

very nice poem, thank you

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Bonnie Collins 31 December 2008

Very enjoyable and has a nice flow... It sounds very much like one of my poems, it was trully strange while reading it! You might want to correct the word to, when describing to tired, ect, to too.... very good work..... Bonnie

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C.R. Clark 31 December 2008

An enjoyable read, Stephanie. It's always nice to come back home where things are familiar. Keep up the good work. Richard

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Dennis Penny 31 December 2008

very lovely poem, great work. keep it up! !

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