I Would Like To Be.... Poem by Arfa Karim

I Would Like To Be....

Rating: 5.0

Like a bird in the sky
Flying freely and so high
Like a fish in the water
And the kings beautiful daughter

Like a tiny little mouse
Eating cheese around the house
Like a bear in the mountain
And the water in the fountain

Like a lion in the jungle
Roaring loudly with hunger
Like a monkey in the zoo
All the time copying you


I love this one, it covers sky, land and water with a nice little quip at the end. Great. Esra Sloblock

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Ali Ahmed 28 November 2020

always flying in the sky like a eagle...like an angel...

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Tayyba 01 April 2018

It was a beautiful poem I also would like to be

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Nameer Khan 15 January 2012

she rocked: '(may her soul rest in peace.............................................

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Anjana Aravind 25 July 2006

In my opinion, ability to dream is the most required qualification to live in this World. You have that quality. A 10 from me on this beautiful poem, Arfa. Anjana

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Abdul Sattar 21 July 2006

Like a good poem it has all the capabilities of inspiration. A nice and framed poem. Excellent job.

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