Ideal Love Poem by POOJA LADYLUCK

Ideal Love

if a guy feels that, tis ideal love! ! !

no envy, no pain, nor torrents in rain
all i shall give is love
i wont put ur trust in vain
i swear of the heavens above

i lyk u for the gal u are
m not flirting for ur face
i know, even the greatest beauties of the world
are sometimes such a disgrace

as different ur thoughts, as simple ur lyf
feel lucky that u r here
in times of doubt, fights or strife
want u to know that i'll b near

be wid me, till eternity
together v'll cross the hurdles thru
i wud hav easily given up on lyf
if i'd never known u

today my love, as she walks down the isle
i feel lyk the luckiest person alive
mayb i wont remember wat she wore
but i wont ever forget the way she looked! ! !

Sarvesh Kulkarni 26 October 2008

Hey, a great poem. The last stanza is amazing. The simplicity in ur poems, makes them universal. Sheer joy to read them. Thank you very much.

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Trinity K 29 June 2008

just be there is more than asked for.... sometimes.... all the time///

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Sathyanarayana M V S 29 June 2008

Lovely poem. I really enjoyed reading it. Best of luck. Keep going Sathya narayana

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