Identity Poem by Thomas Bailey Aldrich


Rating: 3.4

SOMEWHERE--in desolate wind-swept space--
In Twilight-land--in No-man's land--
Two hurrying Shapes met face to face,
And bade each other stand.

"And who are you?" cried one a-gape,
Shuddering in the gloaming light.
"I know not," said the second Shape,
"I only died last night!"

Susan Williams 07 November 2015

Now here's a poem to start up your imagination

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Seema Jayaraman 07 November 2015

Who would have thought in twilight land there would still persist the need for an identity..very wittily crafted poem. Thanks for sharing.

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Tim daugherty 14 December 2020

I like sports and watching movie and playing video games

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Christine 15 August 2019

Could sb explain what " hyrring shepes? means?

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James DeVault 02 May 2019

Ending was great, felt like I experienced the first face to face interaction after realizing my death

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The Architect 11 January 2021

Having an identity crisis eh?

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James De Vault 02 May 2019

Who the are you?

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James DeVault 02 May 2019

wad up hoooomyyyz boooooiiiii

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The Architect 11 January 2021

What the actual-

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sharlet 03 February 2018

i believe that identity means talking about yourself and describing more features about what you look like

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Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Portsmouth, New Hampshire
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