If Poem by Galina Italyanskaya


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What I have heard of love
Sounds like a try to flee
If I'm good enough
Then you will be with me
If in the shine of stars
A supernova seems
You will decide at last
If you believe my dreams
What do you need to fall
In or out of love -
Me as some kind of girl
Nice or unsuited stuff
Each my step to the right
Just as one to the left
Looks as a step aside
I'm suspected of theft
Maybe I steal your time
Maybe I'm worth not much
Not much more than a dime
Ten a penny and such
Didn't you guess it hurt:
Now I'm the only one
Next time your broken heart
Sings to me 'love has gone'
Your vacillating voice
Echoing through my mind
Asking if I'm not yours
Doubting if you are mine
Your hesitation is tough
My everlasting grief
What do you mean by love
When you repeat your 'if'
Is it your fear of pain
Made you unsure of us
Doing its best to stain
Things that elude your grasp

Speaking of love, I thought
It is invariancy
If you can love or not
Then it's not you and me


(Ukhta, November 28 2014)

Thursday, November 27, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: doubt,love
Loyd C Taylor Sr 26 January 2015

Hello Galina. This was such a sad, yet romantic poem. I enjoyed, Loyd

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Chinedu Dike 16 January 2015

An insightful train of thoughts, well articulated and nicely encapsulated into a lovely poem. Love is a spiritual experience that continues to linger even after the source of stimulation is gone. It is whimsical and temperamental, coming without notice and leaving without warning. If love makes its exit, life must go on after awhile because worrying about its exit will not bring it back. A lovely piece of poetry that captures distress in the bliss of love. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem THE PHOENIX STRANGLER.

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Daniel Brick 14 December 2014

This is a complex poem so I have been re-reading it two weeks plus after my first reading. Parts of it are crystal clear to my understanding; other parts are ambiguous as the speaker tries to make sense of her situation. She seems to be waiting for a clearer, decisive commitment from the man who remains unfocused to me. At the very beginning the speaker makes a direct statement: IF I'M GOOD ENOUGH, THEN YOU WILL BE WITH ME. It's a simple equation of requited love, but how difficult that is to achieve in the real world the poem itself witnesses. If only the DESIRE that brings us into love had the power of FATE to make love flower effortlessly. That would be paradise on earth!

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Daniel Brick 01 December 2014

Hi Galina Your poem is a struggle against repeated disappointments. And as happens so often in emotional entanglements, you are uncerftain of the true feeling and real intentions of the person you are almost ready to commit to. But what a risk if the commitment is only on your part! And yet how long can your emotions be in suspended conditions. By their very nature, emotions are volatile, they want to move decisively, they are eager for the next level of a relationship, and then the next level, and so on. I certainly have no wise solution in mind, only sympathy. I'm writing as if this is your experience because the poem is so vivid and immediate.

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