Eternity Poem by Galina Italyanskaya


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You buried me a year ago
Before my time
Before my death
You said: 'She's gone'
You wrote me off
Committed to the earth

I heard you nailing up the lid
I heard you singing 'rest in peace'
And swearing to remember me
Over my grave
In tears

I cried for help
I called your name
I struck against the walls around
I tried to breathe with nitrogen
Reproached underground

How wearing black before the pit
Lost in your grief you could forget:
No speaking ill about the dead
Beneath your very feet

And now it's you
Who's dying there
In spite of freedom
Time and space
The blue sky and the open air
Regardless of the light

I see you losing all you've spared
And trying hard to save your face
I'm scared
I beg you
Do not dare
Because I'm still alive!

If - God forbid! - you leave the world
I'll spend my years in the cold
Confined to the darksome vault
Forgotten in despair

My prayers fade away unheard
The sky is far
I wake in dread
Eternity awaits ahead
Impossible to bear


(Ukhta, November 2013)

Thursday, November 13, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: eternity
To my best friend
Colonel Muhamad Khalid Khan 18 November 2014

You buried me a year ago Before my time Before my death A beautiful poem on dejection and disappointment with a little ray of hope of survival.Well written well done Col Muhammad Khalid khan

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Daniel Brick 19 November 2014

This is a remarkable poem. It relates being buried alive but not in a literal sense I'm sure. This isn't Edgar Allan Poe! It's a psychological rejection, so that the speaker must look at her life and his life as if through a fog or curtain. This is addressed to your best friend but I find it scarey. There are so many things that restore us potentially - freedom, time/space, , blue skies, et alia. But isn't the speaker already experiencing a life apart time/space. blue skies and light. But the redemptive factor is not really present in this suffering. When the speaker is release she feels no joy. She feels fear. I cannot wrap my mind completely around this poem. I'm missing something....

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Sochukwu Ivye 24 October 2017

Ow. This just ended like I had read nothing already, to show how I was pleasurably engaged. Powerful lines metaphysically charged. The poetess outdid herself here, going out of the body and fetching us those untold mystical imageries. So down-to-earth and persuading. This will be added to the list of my favourites. A deserving '10' for this piece of a master. Thanks for publishing for us.

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Robert Green 23 November 2014

amazing, so well written and evocative.

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Chinedu Dike 01 March 2019

Sober thoughts brilliantly woven in a poignant poem. Thanks for sharing Galina.

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C F 24 February 2019

Finally got it at the tenth reading, the writer despite the breakup, is still in love till the end, till eternity. Very well written verse, outstanding!

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Galina Italyanskaya 24 February 2019

It's true Thank you!

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C F 24 February 2019

The person who buried you alive should have been able to overlook whatever shortcomings you may have had if only for the sake of keeping the gem that you posses, the gem of your poetry.

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C F 24 February 2019

Amazing poem, can't stop reading and re-reading, trying hard to understand the meaning behind each word, behind each stanza. The clearest that I came up with is a lover's breakup, I hope I'm not wrong. The passion and emotion expressed is simply beyond words.

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Dr Antony Theodore 29 September 2018

My prayers fade away unheard The sky is far I wake in dread Eternity awaits ahead Impossible to bear, , , well writteb, fine poem. thank u very much. tony

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