Beware Of Love That You Cannot Touch With Your Hand Poem by Galina Italyanskaya

Beware Of Love That You Cannot Touch With Your Hand

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Beware of love that you cannot touch with your hand,
No matter how smart and beautiful it appears.
You fall in there and build your castle on the sand.
Be cautious, or you will end up in bitter tears.

A lonely stranger, you've lost your road in the dark.
If only you met a signpost or saving light,
The warmth of a friendly shelter, a humble shack
To take a little rest and break through the night.

The sky above would be empty without the sun,
The moon and the twinkling sparks of the other worlds.
But here they are to continue their endless run
And show the way and kismet to young and olds.
They highlight, what is around and who we are.
We raise our heads and stare at them from the mire…

You follow me everywhere as your guiding star.
But I'm just an ignis fatuus, foolish fire.

Oh, crazy guy, you are breathing with your mirage
And who am I to advise you to hold your breath?
It may be fatal, you are half drowned in the marsh...

Yet there are things more important than life and death.

You carry on. You'll never give up your way.
You tread your path regardless the type of soil.
Who knows, maybe all the suns are to lead astray,
While foolish dreams are to save your tenacious soul.


(01.03.2019, Ukhta)

Monday, May 6, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: illusion,love
C F 07 May 2019

An outstanding write, as always from your heart and mind.... a wise advice to lovers and dreamers who aim for unreachable stars.10+

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Bernard F. Asuncion 07 May 2019

A well crafted poem, dear Ma'am Galina...........10+++++++++++

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Put Chandra 06 May 2019

A poem that flows well. Be careful of cliches. They do not add a poetic touch.

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Unnikrishnan E S 06 May 2019

Hi Galina, A poem invoking deep thoughts on the meaning of life, love. “Yet there are things more important than life and death “.. deeply philosophical. A million 10s and onto MyPoemList

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