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The universe seems to be
A puzzle I must assemble
A million pieces, disordered and crumbled
And two of them - you and me

You buried me a year ago
Before my time
Before my death
You said: 'She's gone'

The world around me has vanished, lost in the night
All things and thoughts seem fallen in some black hole
The wires are ruptured, the sky is flashing with light
Or, maybe, it's the result of my last default

When hope is gone,
No stars, no sun,
Despair is deep.
Your nights pass by,

Autumn is cryptic -
Gather anonymous mail,
Leafing it through:
Yellow and purple and red,

A friend of mine says poetry
When written in a foreign language
Is rootless
For only native tongue and culture

One more car passed me by today
I am coming back, home and dry
It's a wonder, I know you pray
When it passes, you breathe a sigh

Good bye?
Ok, if you wish, hon
I know
You're too gentle to bear time

It's always my favourite paint
The colour of sunny skies
Awaking my dream, my faith
The shine of your loving eyes

Beware of love that you cannot touch with your hand,
No matter how smart and beautiful it appears.
You fall in there and build your castle on the sand.
Be cautious, or you will end up in bitter tears.

It is simple, my friend, it is simple.
Wacky world from the start and forever:
Nameless mountains, valleys and rivers,
Nameless stars on the heavenly ceiling.

Poor guy, you're blооdy rich;
Even Forbes doesn't know how much!
One may dream of your fortune, which
You take every chance to enlarge.


Catch the sun
And lock into the cell
To offer it for sale…
Guy, you're still not happy.

You love bright colours the way
You're fond of this life on Earth
The happiest man you stay
Regardless of pain

Winter, winter, come again!
Bring a snowfall in the dawn,
Clothe the forest in your gown,
Bleach the conscience of a man!


Autumn, looking fragile like a russula,
Orphaned like a lone aspen leaf,
Tiptoeing into winter by the edge of the forest

Don't worry, kid! You see - here is my hand
My tried palm remembers bows and darts
On it - the road of days, the brook of parting
To which you went so long from far away


What I have heard of love
Sounds like a try to flee
If I'm good enough
Then you will be with me

The land of my past is ruined
Away to a foreign shore
I'm thrown, like a leaf,
Got through it.

The wind
Is driving flocks of leaves across the sky,
And naked branches are raised
Just like your arms.

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Born in the USSR, living in the Russian Federation)

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The Universe

The universe seems to be
A puzzle I must assemble
A million pieces, disordered and crumbled
And two of them - you and me

The universe is my task
A magic cube in my hands
It's strange, but to play the game to the end
I have to destroy my past

The universe is a sheet
A perfectly empty space
Imagine the future, imagine the place
Somewhere we could ever meet

Don't care about my time
Believe, I would spend it all
To put it together, to reach for your soul
To picture the world of mine


(June 2013, St. Petersburg)

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Daniel Brick 23 November 2014

I find this poem very moving, but my first comment got that WRONG CODE messge which is maddening. I'm trying again. I hope I can recapture my initial enthusiasm ... This is an almost impossible situation. A friend who has lost all hope is suicidal, but NOW death itself seems welcoming to him/her. The wrong move even from a friend could send him/her over the edge. I think your rescue attempt is perfectly pitched. You don't imply any critivism of them but also don't add a jot to their self-pity. You don't say I KNOW JUST HOW YOU FEEL. Instead you acknowledge their pain as real. The key line for me was when you say YOU WANNA BE FREE. When I read that, I saw the door of the world reopen for me and invite me back in. That's exactly the promise that will make sense to a suicidal person. It seems to give them control of their fate. Instead of seeking freedom in death, this person can now grasp it in living. That's my hope for them. This is a persuasive poem.

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