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Born in the USSR, living in the Russian Federation

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Daniel Brick 23 November 2014

I find this poem very moving, but my first comment got that WRONG CODE messge which is maddening. I'm trying again. I hope I can recapture my initial enthusiasm ... This is an almost impossible situation. A friend who has lost all hope is suicidal, but NOW death itself seems welcoming to him/her. The wrong move even from a friend could send him/her over the edge. I think your rescue attempt is perfectly pitched. You don't imply any critivism of them but also don't add a jot to their self-pity. You don't say I KNOW JUST HOW YOU FEEL. Instead you acknowledge their pain as real. The key line for me was when you say YOU WANNA BE FREE. When I read that, I saw the door of the world reopen for me and invite me back in. That's exactly the promise that will make sense to a suicidal person. It seems to give them control of their fate. Instead of seeking freedom in death, this person can now grasp it in living. That's my hope for them. This is a persuasive poem.

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The Best Poem Of Galina Italyanskaya

The Universe

The universe seems to be
A puzzle I must assemble
A million pieces, disordered and crumbled
And two of them - you and me

The universe is my task
A magic cube in my hands
It's strange, but to play the game to the end
I have to destroy my past

The universe is a sheet
A perfectly empty space
Imagine the future, imagine the place
Somewhere we could ever meet

Don't care about my time
Believe, I would spend it all
To put it together, to reach for your soul
To picture the world of mine


(June 2013, St. Petersburg)

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