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If Beauty Was A Crime Thou Would Be Under Arrest, - Poem by Daya Nandan

I still remember the day we walked silently under the moonlight
That day you kissed my cheek and made the flames of my love ignite
Hot it was, enough to melt my hardened heart,
i believe you are the right woman, i never wanna be apart

I'll make sure this love starts at forever and ends at never, it shall have no death,
My heart will whisper 'i love you' with every taken breath
Those eyes of yours so big, beautiful and bright,
That sweet seducing lady magic you have that seduced this fearless knight

If my love was energy mine would break the floor,
i'll be with you, i'll never walk out the door,
Don't worry about me leaving you, that thought will never be true,
I'll always be yours, this love will only consist of me and you :)

I think you are beautiful and no I am not blind,
I think you are wonderful and you are the only girl on my mind,
Your temple of love is your heart and soul and true love is what it shall represent,
I want to hug you kiss you and content myself with thy lovely scent,

I am amazed by you every time I see you in my sight,
I may not be mr right nor the most polite,
But this poem is yours to remember so remember this night,
Your so good to me make my body and soul take flight,

Baby for you i will be your moonlit knight,
Because with you each day is a gift and not a given right,
I suppose at this point you probably predicted.
the fact that to thee i am addicted,

You are everything I hope for and everything I need,
Baby you are my hope you are the bandage when I bleed,
We both had options but we choose each other among the rest,
Because we fell for each other cause for each other we are the best, ,

I want to kiss you with love and and remember your gentle gleam,
In your eyes I see love like salmons moving like a river upstream,
You make life to me far better than it ever seems,
I love you with all my heart girl of my dreams,

I just want you 2 know that I love you more than I can show,
In this life every time I am in a storm.i know at the end you will be my rainbow,
If I the world would hear me without doubt it is your name I would shout,
Because you are my dream, my wish, my fantasy and all I think about,

God brought beauty in this world like the wind and snow,
where were you all my life, you make my heart have that special glow,
When I am in a debate i will call you my weapon be my knife,
You are my heart, my soul, my life and on top of all i want you to be my wife

This love in my heart for you is unbound,
One look at u can make my heart melt to the ground,
We are no longer elements we are a chemical compound,
I realized that my heart gave me wisdom so profound,

Loving you my kingdom, you are my crown,
The one women that can make my heart pound,
And make it have that beat that sound,
The sound of love and that is what I see all around,

I may not be that clever,
But I know I cannot love another women better,
Anything could go wrong whatever, whenever, wherever, whichever, whoever, …
But however baby once we marry nothing will stop me from loving you forever,

I wanna see you in that sexy red silk saree,
And I want you to drown me in your love, your heart, your sea,
Your beauty is something I can't disagree,
Get close to your ear and whisper wo ai ni,

I want to marry you i hope your parents agree,
Now finally god decided to make me see,
You are the women the only one for me,
I love you with all my heart and I will give my heart to thee.

Topic(s) of this poem: love, love and art

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