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If God Could Talk What Would He Say

A poem about God who created all things and then disappeared.
On his reappearance millions of years later he reads the bible to see what has been written about him.

If God could talk, what would he say?

My story is unknown
And yet my story is well read,
For man is my biographer
And his story is thus said,

I am the first and last
I am that I am.
I've been a prime mover
Before time began.
I am the incomparable awesome god
the absolute being if you get my meaning?
I am king of kings, lord of all things
in fact I'm greater than great
Father of everything.
I'm here there and everywhere
And anywhere in-between
There's nowhere in eternity
That I haven't seen.
So with the introductions out of the way
Let me see what my creation has to say?
I shall read what man has written
And decipher it without delay.

From interminable Space,
and the endless unknown
into the infinite dark,
with blind Chaos thrown,
I made the immeasurable universe
and I proclaimed ‘let there be light'
and looking back, I don't know what's worse
the light or the planet Earth?
From here I gathered some dust
and made a being called man
Was it a good idea?
Well apparently it was part of the plan.

In my own wonderful image
I created a new living entity
Although looking more like an ape,
So what does that make me?

Am I male or female?
A king or a queen?
Am I just an ‘IT'
Or some God machine,
Am I living matter?
Am I black or white
Hairy or bald?
Or a Hermaphrodite?
In this book I am a male it seems
So a man I am,
A carbon based life form
Weighing about 60 kilograms.

This tragic creature drear
Does a god look so fragile?
He looks so flimsy
Though nimble and agile.
And from his rib
I made him a mate
Before I knew the outcome.
It was quite too late.
In Eden they roamed
With minds incapable of dreaming
Doing what all creatures do
Breeding, sleeping, eating.

They looked so bored,
but never knew it.
Creatures of habit
With no human spirit.
So I thought,
‘I'll give them free will'
a conscience to know death
to know that one day
they will take their last breath.

And so it came to be
My mistake had come to pass
Humanity was here
The die had been cast,
And in my not so infinite wisdom
To bring my plan about,
by entrapment I perceived
to curse humanity
with fear and self-doubt.

So in the middle of paradise
I planted a great tree
And about its boughs
A serpent to tempt eve.
Its fruits bore knowledge
that Eve was told not to eat,
And yes you guessed it
She did just the opposite.
Tempted by a snake
The devil in disguise,
"Have an apple" he said
"And you will become wise"
Adam also had a bite,
And he suddenly felt, confused,
Embarrassed as most humans are
When confronted in the nude.
I was so cross,
I told them to leave paradise
You have disobeyed my word
Now you must pay the price.

Thus death was born to all creation
And death was truly terrifying,
This destroying angel will preside
To reap the souls of the dying
And he shall be likened thus,
To an old man holding a sword
Dripping poison into the mouths of men
To take life from flesh
To take the blood from the skin.

Why did I tempt them?
Knowing they would incur mortality,
And understand the meaning
of horror and brutality?
Well, to have a conscience
To be able to choose,
All men must know
That win or lose,
their lives are forfeit,
now they have tasted sin
only darkness awaits
when life grows dim

before I go on
with this tragic reality,
let me tell about the devil
this half of my duality,
of right and wrong
love and hate,
sorrow and good cheer
all emotional counterweights.
One cannot exist without the other
Like night and day
Space and time,
Fire and ice
Life and death..

Oh Lucifer, prince of the air
With ambition to be most high
destined to fall,
to plummet from the sky,
to corrupt the world,
and sleep with the women of man,
to breed a race of giants
as was part of my plan,
for evil needs a victim
and it cannot be me,
so it had to be him,
he was the key,
to unlock the shackles
of my eternal predicament
of how to justify creation
in a state of equilibrium.

How cheerless the tale of Lucifer
Day star son of the dawn
One of my angels
From heaven born
The great Son of perdition
The arch-Grand deceiver
Such a being must be grotesque
And look even meaner.
So he shall resemble a goat
To suffer for his pride
With cloven hooves
Cleaving souls in his stride
With a forked tail,
And a forked tongue
From his galloping fury
No one can outrun.

Men shall fear him
But fear me more,
As fear begets fear
And hate begets war.
He is cursed to bear
The evils of human kind,
To bear the blame
Of my imperfect design,
Of a creation out of control
Because of an imperfect being,
Am I blind to what I have done?
Or am I really all seeing?

What pleasure have I found?
From creating such a beast
To be damned for no other reason
Than to infernally preach,
That there wrong and right
and good is bad,
That there are demons in the night
with leathery wings clad.
And that children must learn
Not to fall unto temptation,
Or they shall surely burn
In the pits of damnation.

Aaaa, now we come to Hell….
My ingenious place for keeping,
bad and naughty people
For being, well a human beings..
Here rises the scalding pitch
Above the deep fathomless abyss
Where the Penal fires rage
And flames spit and hiss,
When the gavel of judgement slams
Upon your wretched wicked ways
It's time for remediless torment
Until the end of days,
And once you are there
there are no grounds for appeal,
no hope of release.
No way to conceal,
That now you are an abomination
a burden to heaven
a plague to the world
a slave to Satan.
you shall suffer an end without end
a decay without decay
a death without death
and you will rue the day
you sinned against yourselves
on your life's journey,
you shall have punishment without pity,
misery without mercy,
and as many eternities
as there are stars in the skies,
your torment will endless
and Hell will echo your cries

am I rich in mercy,
In this creation of cruelty?
Am I estranged with my work
Erm.. …absolutely
but I am infinitely worthy of love
honour and obedience.
Humanity must love me
To afford me their allegiance
I am infinitely glorious
so obey my every whim,
By not obeying me
Is an infinite sin.
this is Divine justice,
The sorrow of the damned,
In utmost unhappiness
the flames will be fanned, ,
if you've been burned alive
at least death came as a relief.
In hell, relief never comes.
As you bask in the heat

And here shall he reside
That father of lies
Some call him Mephistopheles
Others, the Lord of flies
He is the dark half of humanity
once prince of the air,
now trapped in his own
tragic nightmare.

So let us continue with Adam and eve
and so it came to be,
free will was granted
Humans were free.
To choose wisely
their own moral compass,
Or to follow a path
Of emotional numbness
Where sorrowing is plentiful
And hurting is rife,
To be swallowed by darkness
To live a sinful life.

My children had two sons
Able and Cain
And one had ruinous urges
From which he could not abstain
so one killed the other
And from then on,
Sister killed sister
Brother killed brother
And the centuries passed
and the humans multiplied
killing and enslaving
relishing in homicide.
They even worshiped idols of gold
and that was the last straw
so I sent a great flood
to destroy rich and poor.

but I shall take no blame
as my creation has free will
to do what he does
in his wholesale murder mill

But does that make me equal
Or man equal to me?
For the ability to kill
so indiscriminately?
Anyway, I saved one family
Noah and his kin
Who I spared to live,
As they were free from sin.
I gave Noah some plans
To build a huge ark
And to take two of every creature
And make ready to depart,
As a great storm will come
To drown all that breathes,
Both children and the infirmed
All beggars and thieves

I proclaimed
"Take two of every kind'
Into the dark or the ark
Two of every kind
From the first to the last,
Penguins from the ice lands
maggots and fleas,
Komodo dragons, and bumble bee's,
Tarantulas and sloths
Elks and Polar bears
Gorillas, frogs and ants
And jumping woolly hares.
And not forgetting the rhinoceros.
Pandas and moles,
Kangaroos and orang-utans
Lemurs and voles.
Until all the living things
That roamed the whole earth
Were in the arks hull
Ready for the rebirth,
Of creation revised
A new righteous dawn
With happiness in abundance
And tranquillity freeborn,
For 40 days and 40 nights
It was a cataclysmic catastrophe
Until all human kind perished
Save Noah and his family
As the waters receded,
corpses lay strewn upon the land,
Of those animals left behind
And the sand?

Does this make me
The greatest mass murder in history?
Or is it just the enigma
Of a stone age mystery?

But Noah survived
To restart humanity anew
And leave the past
Far from view.
Well it seemed like a good idea
But it came to nothing at all
As humans do what humans do
To hate and brawl.

Shortly after, they were at it again
Promiscuous and depraved,
boiling there wickedness
In a cauldron of embittered hate.
And the whole earth
was of one speech,
Until wry old Nimrod
In the land of Shinar to the east
Built a tower to reach the heavens
To look at my celestial domain
Where no earthly creature
Can possibly attain
Passage to such heights
Less he be dead.
And righteous in heart
Where his soul can be led
By angels aloft
From whence he came.
To a better ever after
Free from hatred and pain.

and in anger of this affront
I struck all dumb,
With voices in disarray
So that they may succumb
To gibberish speak,
Not able to communicate
so they became a babbling rabble
Unable to debate
The time of day,
as they were tongue tied,
and in disarray
They scattered far and wide.
They imagined a great edifice
But they imagined wrong,
For you cannot go to a place
Where you do not belong

but I shall take no blame
as my creation has free will
to do what he does
in his wholesale murder mill

But I still had to choose
My favourite tribal clan
mmm.. to glance over the earth
I'll choose the people of Abraham.
They seem a devout godly tribe
Herders of goats
With ignorant minds
I'm sure they will subscribe
To my total domination
Ill have them circumcised
Its far better than castration.
So I gave them a few rules
Like, it's ok to beat slaves
And sexual enslavement
is the correct way to behave.
Do not eat blood or fat
Or have sex with your mother
Do not marry a eunuch
Or blaspheme with each other.
Do not be homosexual
or be gender confused,
and do not be a false prophet
as you will be accused
of deceiving your kind
with Lucifer on your back,
to crave power
to become the megalomaniac.

But even these squabbling sand dwellers
Indulged in great iniquities.
So I summoned death
Upon their cities,
Sending a fiery maelstrom
Of fire and brimstone
Upon Sodom and Gomorrah
in a scorching cyclone.
One family I saved
[can you see a pattern here]
Who were righteous and just,
Lot and his brood
In me they did trust
But I warned them
Not to look back less they be turned into salt
But of course one of them did
And it was lots wife's fault.

Oh how I looked upon my children
and how they squabble
like spoilt brats
but life is a struggle
from birth to the end
with humans of all living things
cursed to know death,
and what the end means.
so time passed
and my people became enslaved
so a deliverer I sent
and Moses was his name.

I spoke to him from burning bush
Urging him to set my people free
Yet Pharaoh would not let my people go
And so reluctantly [supposedly]
With my wrath incurred
Through Aarons rod
Moses did smite the Egyptians
With plagues of lice and frogs
Turning the waters into blood
Summoning grievous murrains,
Beckoning Plagues of locusts
boils and blains,
A creeping pestilence
and the darkness to blot the sun
and a rain of hail and fire
That fell on everyone,
Save again my people
Who shall not suffer

And last came such a terror
death to the first born,
Save only my people
Who shall not mourn
The loss of such innocence
Deemed guilty by me,
That to slaughter such innocence
So utterly.
With such heart breaking pangs
pharaoh released my clan
And mosses led them forth
To the distant Promised Land,

Ahead lay the great waters
Than none can pass,
Especially when travelling
With no boats or rafts
Moses struck his staff
Upon the pebbled shore
And a thunder clapped
And lightning peeled roared,
He parted the waves
With pharaoh closing behind
No Israelite will be set free
Now he had changed his mind
between the walled waters
Moses led his tribe
In haste they scrambled
To reach the other side,
Pharaoh followed swiftly
But the waters collapsed entirely,
And fell upon the Egyptians
destroying them utterly.

but I shall take no blame
as my creation has free will
to do what he does
in his wholesale murder mill

Ten Commandments I bestowed
Rules to live and prosper,
To worship no others
Nor kneel before an imposter,
Do not bow down to graven images
Or take my name in vain,
Oh, and don't steal or kill,
And Remember the Sabbath day,
Never bear false witness
Nor commit adultery,
Never covet
Or indulge in buggery,

If only my people bothered to read
The laws that I had written
But that's free will for you
where choice is freely given
A promised land I promised
and a promised land I gave
although the land was occupied
these occupants would meet their grave.
So I gave Joshua the justification
to destroy the Canaanite race,
obliterating them and others
perish without trace.
And Joshua committed great slaughter
And genocide I approved
With my blessings
He began to brutally remove,
Tribes such as the Gibeonites.
The makkedah and the Libnahites.
The people of Lachish.
The Eglonites and the Hebronites.
The Anakim followed
As did the Debirites.

I approved the slaying of
both man, woman and infant
ox, sheep, camel and ass
in my peoples reign triumphant,
Joshua left none remaining
but destroyed all that breathed
as I, Lord God commanded
as I, the lord decreed.

but I shall take no blame
as my creation has free will
to do what he does
in his wholesale murder mill

so looking back,
that flood did little to alleviate,
the fact that the value of men
Will continue to depreciate.
and to reminisce of my people.
of David who felled goliath
and took 200 foreskins
from philistines as they lieth
Upon a Gaza shore,
To appease great Saul
Who himself would,
upon his sword fall.
And Samson the Nazarite
Who brought down Dagon's temple,
Killing all the children
But let's not be sentimental,
they were philistines after all
and like the people of Jericho
culpable of idolatry
Even if they were too young to know.

And a book they did write
To document all that I have said
And much, much more
about the living and the dead,
About my sacred commands
To absolve their misgivings
To forgive their frailties
and to ensure they are willing
To crawl to my golden ark
To bow to my altar,
They shall go forth unto war
Like lambs to the slaughter

but I shall take no blame
as my creation has free will
to do what he does
in his wholesale murder mill

So the world was green
And the creatures knew their place,
All except those belonging
To the free thinking human race.
So what was I to do
How to resolve this mess?
Maybe a son I shall give
Where his words will express
My empathy and love
through a messiah foretold,
a descendant of David
who will return to the fold,
The light of the world
who will atone for mans sins
through excruciating agony,
and hence man's redemption will begin,

So it came to pass
I impregnated a virgin
So I could be reborn
And bear the burden
of all the terrors
human kind has committed
because of eves disobedience
that I of course permitted,
which makes things a little awkward
so I blamed the devil,
for conspiring against me
and putting my creation in peril.

But let's not dwell
On technical trivialities,
Let us move on from
past creational formalities.
So I seduced a virgin
And she gave birth to me,
Into a world long broken
Though many would disagree.
and a great star above
ushered the age of Christ,
Upon the holocaust of atonement
He shall be sacrificed

He/ I, was born in a stable
and Herod was afraid,
so he sent his assassins
with murder in their wake,
And many infants were slain
Except my son of course,
For he is me,
though the slaughter I had to endorse,
as it is written in prophecy.
And he grew to know the scriptures
of my squabbling chosen race,
Teaching and wandering,
from place to place.
Through My son [who is me]
And not forgetting the Holy Ghost
As we are a Trinity,
But who do you love the most,
The Spirit, the man or the God?
Considering all three are one,
You may love them all…
Now getting back to my son,

He preached many sermons
He taught of love and peace
performed great miracles
and his fame did increase,
He cured the disabled
Changed water into wine,
Walked on water
And healed the blind,
He calmed storms,
He raised the dead
With five loaves and two fish,
Five thousand he fed

But you can't go around
Saying you are the son of the lord,
Especially in the brutality
of a Romanised world,
To save the sins of man
I must have myself killed,
Flayed to the bone,
And make prophecies fulfilled.
I shall ensure I die,
In the most agonizing way
To save you all from the sin
To be redeemed on judgement day.

With torture assured
On Golgotha I shall be crucified
With two petrified thieves
In agony by my side,
Death shall find me
My legs will be broken,
And Satan will cower
As is fore spoken,

And at the end of my new book
about the life of my son [who is me]
there shall be the revelation
of conundrums and prophecy,
It speaks of the end of all things
of merciless annihilation
and the day of doom
and its eternal devastation,
Of beasts and dragons
horsemen of the apocalypse,
the whore of Babylon
and a bottomless pit.
A beast that rises from the sea
with seven heads and ten horns,
and upon his horns ten crowns.
And the cryptic message warns
This is the beast of blasphemy
Upon Rome's seven hills
Who along with the antichrist
Shall suffer the world's ills.

if you think about it
why would a supreme being
condone such Irrationality?
or is it just the mutterings
of the bedrock of Christianity?
of a manmade institution
Based on a supernatural sin,
That all is beholden to me
Of which I have had no part in.

And my true church was born
To receive all my praise
‘Believe in me or burn'
Shall be my new catch phrase,
And great wealth shall I bring
Unto the coffers of Popes,
From the pockets of the poor
dangling from ropes,
pagan heresy shall be destroyed
indigenous beliefs erased,
ethnic identities revaluated
to accept holy praise
where my name is unknown
my priests will be the correct equation.
Between sadistic manipulation
and gentle persuasion
great crusades will bathe
in the glory of my name
heretics will burn by their millions
as they try to reclaim,
far Jerusalem's sacred ground
now under the shadow of Islam
another spawn of the corrupted root
of abrahamic bedlam.

and I shall betray my chosen race
they will be scattered to roam,
as Christ killers one and all
a nation without a home.
And the church will disagree
On how to worship yours truly,
They shall argue constantly
on the meaning of my divinity
and great conquests shall ensue
to convert the disbelievers
to nullify the free thinkers
and mute the deceivers,
nations shall be forced to kneel
before my radiant magnitude
slaves shall they become,
shackled in righteous servitude
My churches shall multiply
My cross shall replace flags,
My priest will wallow in opulence,
My people dress in rags
My cross shall be an emblem of peace,
A sign of bloodshed,
A banner of terror
A token of my Godhead.
The world will become a graveyard,
Of saints and martyrs
But what did they really die for?
Was it for God or holy charters?

but I shall take no blame
as my creation has free will
to do what he does
in his wholesale murder mill

And so humanity evolved
In deeds blessed with possibilities
Of promises of paradise
And a tickets to prosperity.
These primitive creatures
With fertile imaginations
Shall cower before Dragons
Between heaven and damnation.
They shall conjure the fantastical
And believe in the absurd
Worship grotesque trolls
And suffer wraths incurred,
Such a fear of the unknown
Shall create the bizarre
Fluttering Fairies
And curious avatar,
Flying carpets and Magic mirrors
Poltergeists and Ruby slippers.
crystal balls with futures to predict
ghouls, ogres and the evil witch.
Magic lamps and fairy queens
Two headed dogs and Titan kings
All these and stranger things
That lurk in nightmares

But Angels and demons
Oh, these are viable
As are my deeds
Written in my bible
The supernatural exists
in this book of bewilderment
full of the impossible
and acts of wonderment.

But what is real and what is not?
None of the aforementioned can be touched
None to be seen
Nor ultimately forgot
As they are all part of humanity
For right or wrong
To be heard in verse
And sung and song,
But they are not my words
So I cannot condone,
These words written
To explain the unknown

Blame the devil
He who tempted eve
Even though,
They were both conceived
By yours truly, apparently.
And if I may say,
For a supreme being
That created the indescribable
Do you really think a bible?
Can explain the unexplainable?
Or hope to make sense
Of the complexities of faith unbreakable?
With ancient words
That are reliant on an invisible above,
You do not need a bible to be good
Or to be reminded about love
All you need is your heart
and a cup of kindness
To walk in the light.

and the most dangerous weapon
Is a bible in the hands of an idealist
Where indoctrination prospers
and so born is the extremist.
Religious books are loaded Guns
And the bullets are the pages,
We have had our finger on the triggers
Throughout the ages,
Using hope as leverage
To enslave and dominate,
Because that's what humans do
Divide, conquer and alienate.
Humans are cunning
As they deflect their own flaws
Appointing blame to Gods and devils
Or a doctrinal misinterpreted clause.
Take away the books
And Women will still be raped,
children will still be beheaded
Regardless of race or faith
Take away the books
But it won't take away the hate
For hate is within us,
And no other creature can imitate
The human joy of enslaving
Or the pleasure of persecution,
Or premeditated torture,
And instigated destitution.

I am not God
I seek no praise or ovation
Life must take its own course,
From activation to cessation
Life's not perfect
I never said it was, you see,
But life's not as complex
As humans make it out to be,
it is a scary journey
Amongst idiots and arse holes
For it is they that make the experience
that much harder to control.

But I shall take no blame
as my creation has free will
to do what he does
in his wholesale murder mill

And man sayeth,
"I am blind, Even though I see,
Faith will guide me into misery…………."

And I contemplate

If a little bird emptied the sea,
one drop at a time
once in a thousand years.
I would still not have time to fathom
the reason of creating this world of tears........................

So bewildered as I am
I shall leave this world of free will
To finds its own way
To a better world still,
Where war is a memory
And life will prevail
In an age of peace
In a time beyond the pale.

Amen [so they say]

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