If I Could Talk... Poem by londiwe buthelezi

If I Could Talk...

Rating: 4.5

If i could talk, i would tell you that i cared.
i would try to say how i've never felt this way
and no one else could make me feel like this

If you weren't blind you'd see, just how much you mean to me
you don't even see when you're standing next to me
just tell me why it's hard to let you go...

Kurt Behle 24 March 2009

If I could talk...I could say you've done it baby...Thumbs way up...10+++

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Lynn Glover 14 July 2009

This is a very impressive poem. Stay the course and continue to write for all to enjoy. I give it a 10 Lynn

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Rory Hudson 13 July 2009

Simple words that nevertheless are very expressive!

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Subroto Chatterjee 24 April 2009

Forty poems later, you find it difficult to talk? ? He may be blind, but not deaf. So OK, this may be serious, and I honestly don't want to trivialise this. Wish you all the best. Cheers. Subroto

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Little Hatila ;) 30 March 2009

wow, maybe you are shy like me that is why you could not talk ;) very beautiful poem pretty girl, well done...10 Hataw

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Jenny Sar 30 March 2009

i love this poems..

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londiwe buthelezi

londiwe buthelezi

empangeni, south africa
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