Billy Poem by Colin Ian Jeffery


Rating: 4.7

Never speaks
Trapped within damaged brain
Body twisted, limbs trembling
Sitting in hospital yard
Humming tunes without melody.
Bright soul standing tall
Articulate mind intact
Singing melodious songs of love
Only God and he can hear.

Kim Barney 17 March 2015

This poem is wonderful and truly deserves being selected as Poem of the Day. Congratulations. Well written.

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Patricia Grantham 22 November 2014

A very touching and heartfelt poem. Billy still manages to love life even after overcoming many obstacles. Good.

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Bill Galvin 27 April 2015

Thank you, Colin. My love just passed from ALS (Motor Neuron disease) , and with Billy, you capture her bright soul articulate with mind intact, though speechless, as well; and it helped me remember her smile, which she kept to the very end. It can amaze us the way some have to leave this world, but, more amazing is the courage some keep when faced with the end.

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Lajpat Chawla 30 April 2015

Only God and he can hear. Well written indeed

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Sudipta Bhattacharyya 02 May 2015

How touchy this poem is! Hope against hope, that's all. Nice poem sir! !

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Doris Cornago 15 March 2022

The soul is immortal and once we are free from earthly shell, we can sing nonstop. A poet has both the privelege and the pleasure to do this while still alive, in his own ll

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Sylvia Frances Chan 19 September 2021

So very heart touching! 5 Stars full

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Jannatul Merry 11 April 2021

Heart touching! !

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A B Faniki 09 August 2019

Heartfelt piece with a tourch of beauty for the soul. Besutiful write keep them coming

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Clyde King 27 July 2019

Very well done and thoughtfully expressed. One has to ponder the life of people that suffer brain trauma, yet they are just as alive and human as all people are and they still have consciousness.

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